Lottoland’s French Lotto: How To Play French Lotto?

Lottoland’s French Lotto

Let’s talk about the French Lotto on Lottoland India; how it is played as an online lottery, how it is compared from EuroMillions, and all the things there is to know about French Lotto.

What is French Lotto? (Overview)

French Lotto

French Lotto or Française des Jeux (FDJ) is France's national lottery. Française des Jeux means “The French (Company) of Games.

French Lotto was formerly operated and owned by the French government but in the 2018th of July, the French government sold half of its ownership and then made the company public.

Not only does Française des Jeux own the French Lottery but also has sports betting markets which consist of cycling, track and field, association football and rugby nation.

The French Lotto official lottery draw takes place thrice a week which is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:20 PM CET and Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 00:50 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

This premium lottery gives you a huge chance of winning big. Amazingly, it’s probability of winning any prize is on 1:16 with its minimum jackpot at an incredible amount of €2 million which is around ₹15,5 Crores. It is well-loved in France and lottery enthusiasts all over the world keep going back to this popular lottery.

And we forgot to mention - Over €1 million (around ₹7,7 Crores) are added on top of the jackpot every time the draw rolls over. Which means, the jackpot grows 50% faster than any other lottos due to its 3 times a week draw.




How to Play?
First, you just need to pick five numbers from the main pool of 1 to 49 and one lucky number from a pool of 1 to 10. (See photo above for the actual ticket)
To win the jackpot, you have to correctly match all five numbers including the lucky number. Basically, the rules are as simple as similar to other big name lotteries.

Winning Amount

The top prize starts at €2 million ( approx. ₹50.5 Crores) and goes up by €1 million (approx. ₹7,7 Crores) every time there’s no winner. Please refer to the chart below for each tiers and how many winners per tier it is distributed and it’s prize amount.

I5 Numbers + Lucky Number0 winnerNo hits
25 Numbers3 winners₹5,205,373.92
34 Numbers + Lucky Number45 winner₹84,696.62
44 Numbers417 winner₹32,966.71
53 Numbers + Lucky Number2,306x₹3,561.45
63 Numbers20,788x₹1,421.20
72 Numbers + Lucky Number32,186x₹710.60
82 Numbers282,311x₹321.46
90 Numbers + Lucky Number376,424x₹186.11

Winning probability

The French Lotto takes place thrice a week with an achievable minimum jackpot of approximately ₹15,5 Crores and a prize of ₹7,7 Crores added further to the jackpot each time, making it grow rapidly. With odds of winning any prize at only 1 : 7.6, you’d be sure bagging the prizes in no time.

TierWinning Probability
5 numbers + Bonus number1 : 19,068,840
5 numbers1 : 2,118,760
4 numbers + Bonus number1 : 88,677
4 numbers1 : 9,631
3 numbers + Bonus number1 : 2,016
3 numbers1 in 224
2 numbers + Bonus1 in 144
2 numbers1 in 16
0 numbers + Bonus number1 in 18

Procedure to Purchase French Lotto

We’ve come a long way as we discussed the most important and technical details that would help us understand French Lotto’s prominence as one of the greatest lotteries out there - from its odds of winning, mechanics, and how much you will win per tier and its jackpot.
Now, I’ll teach you the navigation steps that will easily walk you through purchasing your first EuroMillions ticket in Lottoland India (

1) Go to and log in.

log in

a) Please click on the head icon (human icon) at the top right corner of the screen to login.

2) Log in to your account.


a) If you don’t have an account yet, please click the register icon.
b) If you already have an account, type in your registered email and password. Then click “LOG IN NOW”.

If it’s your first time logging in, you may need to add a deposit to your account. Refer to this page here for a walkthrough on how to deposit money in lottoland asia -

3) Navigate in Lottolandasia website:

a) Look for French Lotto, then tap on it.

4) Define your bet.


Just choose 5 numbers from the main pool of 1 to 49 plus an additional lucky number from a pool of 1 to 10. You can also choose to do the QuickPick (Quick+1) by clicking it which will choose random numbers for you automatically. If you don’t like your current numbers, you can click “delete” or “edit” to change or simply tap on the “QuickPick” button to add a new random generated number combination. Note: A single ticket costs ₹220.

a) To add an extra game:

To add an extra game

If you want to place more bets for the same set of numbers? How about for both the draws or a totally different combination? You may schedule it on either Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Decide right here.

b) Duration:


How long would you want to play? Decide on the times of weeks. You can also subscribe and place your bet so you don’t miss a draw, until you win the jackpot prize.

c) How do you double your winnings?


d) Tap on the button on the Double Your Jackpot feature.
Note: it’s INR ₹440 per ticket.

d) Tap on “QUICK BUY”



1) In this scenario, you have to be sure that your registered account has sufficient balance to cover for the purchase upon checkout.
a) If your account has enough balance, this transaction will go through right away.
b) If your account has not enough balance, you will be asked by the system to either add a payment for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or add a deposit to your account.
2) Make sure you have your mobile number registered in this account ready. You are required to enter it in this page and for the purchase to push through.
3) Once all the information is right, click “Pay”.
4) Now you’re all set!

Compare French Lotto and EuroMillions

Now let’s take a look at the most popular rival of French Lotto; it’s none other than EuroMillions and that is due that both are European lotteries and are popular to lotto players worldwide.
Both lotteries have their strong points and their attractiveness due to its winning probability, price, and minimum jackpot.
Looking from the game rules, there isn’t much difference to both lotteries at all. The significant difference comes to the end result of choosing French Lotto: the price per line,its minimum jackpot to the previous jackpot record. French Lotto is cheaper and has a stimulating minimum prize than EuroMillions. What's more, French Lottos draw three times a week compared to EuroMillions. Refer to the chart below.

 French LottoEuroMillions
Game ruleschoose 5 numbers from the main pool of 1-49 and 1 “lucky number” from 1 to 10.Choose 5 numbers from 1-50 & 2 numbers from 1-12 as “Stars”
Price per lineFrom ₹220From ₹ 240
Minimum jackpotaround ₹15.5 Croresaround ₹139 Crores
Previous record jackpotaround ₹24000 Croresaround ₹1555 Crores
Probability of winning1:161:23
DrawTuesday, Thursday and Sunday 00:50 AM ISTTuesday and Friday approx 21:20 CET
Jackpot upgradeDoubleJackpot from ₹440DoubleJackpot from ₹ 240


French Lotto is an impressive Europe-based lottery that gives everyone an opportunity to pay less but win more, everytime with attainable odds of winning. Amazingly, lottoland asia has this for everyone, even you from India who dreams to have a chance to play in French Lotto. I mean, what are you waiting for? If you are planning and taking this opportunity to win the millions of your dreams then reading this article is your sign.


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