Comparison Of Famous Lotto in India With Worldwide Famous Lotteries

Comparison Of Famous Lotto in India With Worldwide Famous Lotteries

Kerala State Lotteries is quite possibly the most popular lottery in India due it being the 1st lottery to emerge in India - the question is, how good of a lottery is it? This time we will introduce the lotto and try to compare with worldwide lotteries “Powerball” and “EuroMillions”.

”Kerala State Lotteries” Which Is A Popular Lottery In India

Kerala State Lotteries

Kerala is known for its scenic views, cleanliness, wealthy hindu temples and ayurvedic medicine. With a slogan that says: "God's own Country", it is perhaps the most auspicious of all Indian States.

The Kerala State Lotteries was founded in 1967. The idea came from the then Finance Minister of Kerala, Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib. It's the first among all indian lotteries and historically remains atop of all other indian lotteries.

Today, the Kerala State Lotteries rolls out seven weekly lotteries - Pratheeksha, Dhanasree, Win-Win, Akshaya, Bhagyanidhi, Karunya, and Pournami. They have 465 employees, 14 district offices, and a Regional Deputy Directorate at Ernakulam.This is definitely India's lottery to beat.

History of Kerala State Lotteries

As mentioned previously, Kerala State Lotteries was established way back in 1967 spearheaded by Shri P.K. Kunju Sahib has been run, to this day, by the Government of Kerala.

Kerala State Lotteries is the 1st of all lotteries among all Indian States. The torch bearer from where all the other lotteries sprung up from.

Since the day of its founding, Kerala State Lotteries has been known to financially help impoverished people who can't afford their medical bills in Kerala. According to records, they have helped more than 27,000 over the span of 54 years. Kerala State Lotteries focuses on financial assistance to economically displaced citizens of Kerala who are suffering from serious health issues like Kidney and Heart Disease, Haemophilia, Cancer, and so on.

Attractiveness of Kerala State Lotteries

With Kerala State Lotteries, everyday you get a chance to win a hefty amount that could potentially change your life. There's one draw that is conducted at exactly 3PM. The unique part is, it's a different lottery every day.

Let me give you a visual.

#LotteryDay of DrawTime
1PournamiSunday3:00 pm
2Win WinMonday3:00 pm
3Sthree SakthiTuesday3:00 pm
4AkshayaWednesday3:00 pm
5Karunya PlusThursday3:00 pm
6NirmalFriday3:00 pm
7KarunyaSaturday3:00 pm

Bumper Lotteries

Aside from these first seven lotteries that you can take advantage of, there are also seasonal lotteries they call “bumper lotteries”. These are lotteries that are only available for specific months due to a holiday like Christmas or Summer. Let me give you a visual.

Bumper Lotteries

Modernization and Mobile e-Governance

Let’s face it, India, where Kerala is a part of, is still a developing country. There is a much needed boost in their infrastructure over their years of service. While these modernization may deem trivial, or even outdated, when compared to the best-in-class technologies available out there. These manual infrastructure become more of a foundation for further improvements in the future to come. That being said, what are these modernization projects that has been implemented by the State of Kerala and Kerala State Lotteries:

1) Mobile e-Governance

The mobile e-governance feature is a mobile platform that seeks to improve the availability of information to the citizens of Kerala. This includes, among other things, lotto results - which is perhaps, to me, the only relevant part. While a mobile app is still expected in the future with further enhancements, what is available currently is an SMS system that allows a citizen to text 537252 to receive the latest lottery results.

2) IT Infrastructures

There have been tons of changes that happened since the founding day of Kerala State Lotteries. The infrastructures include running new cables in their system, installing internet connection to some offices, and empowering District Lottery Officers to honor all prize claims that goes not more than 1 Lakh (that is INR 100,000 or around USD 1,900).

How To Contact

Their contact page is packed with information you’d never expect from a website in this era. The good part about that is, if, or when, you encounter issues with Kerala State Lotteries, or it’s officials, you’ll know where to go and what to do. To me, this level of information availability is almost unusual in this day and age. But, alas, they are available for us, and that is for us to celebrate. What is the information that is available? A lot - from the actual name of the office, the phone number that goes direct to that office, email addresses, and even their district offices. You gotta visit their contact page site to see for yourself - http://www.keralalotteries.com/index.php/contact-us

Kerala State Lotteries Rules and Winning Probability

Winning Probability

All 7 Kerala State Lotteries follow the same structure. However, they are not the same as one would expect. And, the probability of winning isn’t laid down on their website. There’s nothing else to but to attempt to accomplish what is not available online.

My observation begs me to conclude there are 2 parts of a ticket:

1) The letters
The 1st letter would naturally correspond to the first letter of the lottery you’re betting for. The 2nd letter is a letter chosen or assigned to you which is anything from A to Z.

2) The numbers
These are 6 digit numbers - all 6 can be taken from numbers 0 to 9.

After careful calculations, your odds at winning the jackpot is 1 out of 135,862,272,000. The probability of winning any prize is not something I can calculate as the the winning tickets for prize tiers #4 and onwards extends to all sold tickets. As such, without a historical understanding on the average tickets they sell on the daily, I am unable to confidently reach an understanding.

Prize Structure

Table below shows the expected 1st prize per lottery.

NoLotteryFirst Prize (INR)USDDay of Draw
2Win Win₹7,500,000.00$97,500.00Monday
3Sthree Sakthi₹7,500,000.00$97,500.00Tuesday
5Karunya Plus₹8,000,000.00$104,000.00Thursday

Table below shows the prize tiers

Prize CategoryDetailsMatching Letters and Numbers
ICommon To all series2 Letters + 6 Numbers
IICommon To all series2 Letters + 6 Numbers
IIIOne Prize in each series2 Letters + 6 Numbers
IVLast 5 digits to be drawn once5 Numbers
VLast 4 digits to be drawn 15 timesAny of the 4 numbers drawn
VILast 4 digits to be drawn 22 timesAny of the 4 numbers drawn
VIILast 4 digits to be drawn 30 timesAny of the 4 numbers drawn
VIIILast 4 digits to be drawn 60 timesAny of the 4 numbers drawn
Consolation-1 Letter + 6 Numbers of the 1st Prize

Comparison of Kerala State Lotteries with Powerball and EuroMillions

Now, I will admit the following criteria might be considered an overkill enough to successfully paint the golden picture. But, here it is.

CriteriaKerala State LotteriesPowerballEuroMillions
Date Started196719882004
Odds to Win the Jackpot1 in 135,862,272,0001 in 292,201,3381 in 139,838,160
How many prize tiers9913
Highest Jackpot₹8,000,000.00 (USD 104,000)USD 1.586 Billion€200 million (USD 226,280,000)
How many draws a week732
Price Per Ticket₹30 (USD 0.40)₹101.58 (USD 1.35)€2.50 (USD 2.83)

The Kerala State Lotteries are good for Indians because people can buy it offline and enjoy 7 types of lotteries every week. However when it comes to Jackpot price and probability, worldwide lotteries like Powerball and EuroMillions have more chances to be rich. If you want to try worldwide lotteries, please try to buy it from here.

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Kerala is a beautiful place. However, Kerala State Lotteries might not be as good as it seems. First, it places a very high probability rate for anyone to even hit a chance to win the jackpot which pales in comparison to Powerball and EuroMillions. Consequently, Powerball holds one of the highest jackpot ever won in the history of lotteries worldwide. And, EuroMillions can be considered as the lowest hanging fruit among the 3.

I’ll be fair. Kerala, like most developing countries, cannot grant humongous jackpots to their citizens. Their fully randomized system enables more people to win.

If the goal is to win frequently, then Kerala State Lotteries will allow you to do just that.

If the goal is to win a significant amount to create and/or open up opportunities or avenues of business, finance, or comfort, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

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