Lottoland’s Austrian Lotto: Highest Odds to Win Millions!

Lottoland’s Austrian Lotto: Highest Odds to Win Millions!

Let’s talk about the Austrian Lotto on Lottoland India; how to play, how it is compared to Powerball, and all the things to know about the Austrian Lotto.

What is Austrian Lotto? (Overview)

Austrian Lotto

Austrian Lotto or 6aus45 is a European lottery which started in 1986.The Austrian Lottery is popular due to the fact that it offers bigger odds with a 1 to 12 probability to win than most famous lotteries like EuroMillions and UK Lotto. Coming from its shortened name, 6aus45 - you only need to select 6 numbers out of 45 numbers. There’s no need to think hard, the game is as simple as that.

Historically, the Austrian Lotto has made millionaires all over the world. Winning in the past are as follows: Approximately, ₹71 Crores (€9 million) was won in 2011 and approx. ₹75 Crores (€9,5 million) was recorded in 2012. You may encounter lotteries with a bigger jackpot however, this proves that Austrian Lotto just keeps increasing its jackpot prize overtime.

Winning Austrian Lotto’s jackpot is simple: Just match all six numbers plus the additional bonus number and even if you don’t get to match all numbers, you’d still win on matching the rest of the number combinations based on the eight prize tiers. In fact you have a 1 to 16 chance in winning the last prize tier just by correctly guessing the bonus ball number.

With the price as low as ₹99, you are now at Austria’s most biggest and trusted lottery with the highest chance of becoming a millionaire!

The Draws take place two times a week, on Wednesdays 22:30 &/or 23:30 Indian Standard Time ( 19:00 CET/CEST) and Sundays 22:00 &/or 23:00 Indian Standard Time (22:00/23:00 IST). To get the results, simply browse through the Austrian Lottery page.




You are to pick six numbers plus the additional bonus number. If you match all six numbers plus the additional one, you automatically win the jackpot.

To faster selection of numbers, click the Add QuickPick button for the system to randomly select numbers for you.

Winning Amount

In the Austrian Lotto, the prize just keeps getting higher and higher and there’s solid proof to that based on the historical wins. Also, check this table below and how much prize you’ll be winning per tier and how many winners are luckily receiving this amazing prize.

IAll Six Numbers0 winner₹53,408,817.7
25 Numbers & Bonus1x winner₹7,370,339.71
35 Numbers + 0 Star64x winner₹125,174.00
44 Numbers & Bonus209x winner₹11,492.57
54 Numbers3,321x winner₹4,018.62
63 Numbers & Bonus5,000x winner₹1,193.81
73 Numbers54,241x winner₹437.17
80 numbers & Bonus168,061x winner₹100.89

Winning probability

The probability of winning is way higher indeed than most European lotteries. Imagine that it is at 1 to 8,145,060. And if you’d like to win even just the lowest in the prize tier, the probability is at 1 to 12.

TierPrizeWinning Probability
1Matched All Six Numbers1 to 8,145,060
2Match 5 & Bonus Number1 to 1,357,510
3Match 5 Numbers1 to 35,724
4Match 4 & Bonus Number1 to 14,290
5Match 4 Numbers1 to 772
6Match 3 & Bonus Number1 to 579
7Match 31 to 48
8Bonus Number1 to 16
Any PrizeAny of the above tiers1 to 12

Procedure to Purchase Austrian Lotto

So we’ve come so far as to explain Austrian Lotto - its mechanics, the odds of winning and probability, and how much prize you win as per tier and its jackpot.
Now, we’ll teach you the navigation steps on how to purchase your first Austrian Lotto ticket in
Lottoland India (

1) Go to and log in.

a) Begin with clicking on the human icon at the top right corner to login.

log in

2) Log in to your account.

b) If you don’t have an account yet, click the register button.
c) If you already have an account, login your registered email and password. Then click “LOG IN NOW”.

If it’s your first time login, you might need to add a deposit to your account. Simply refer to this page here for a walkthrough on how to deposit money in lottoland asia -

3) Navigate in Lottolandasia website:

a) Look for the Austrian Lotto, then click it.

Look for the Austrian Lotto

4) Define your bet.

Define your bet

a) You are to pick 6 numbers from 1–45 and 1 additional number. You can also click on the Add QuickPick button which will automatically generate numbers.
If you are not satisfied with the numbers, you can click the trash bin (for delete) and pen (edit) icon. For a single ticket, it’s ₹99 (1.20 euro)

Combo Bet
Combo bets or system bets allow you to pick additional 6 numbers - which gives you 12 numbers in total. What this does is that, it gives you the benefit of increased odds of winning the jackpot.

The Joker
The Joker is an extra special game after the main draw of Austrian Lotto. For an even bigger win in Austrian Lotto, you can join in The Joker feature. They will draw up six numbers three times and will receive prizes.

b) To get an extra game, you can choose how many draws you’d like to join with your selected number combinations. You can have them scheduled at
Wednesday, Sunday or both days.

The duration will define how long you’d like to play. You can play for a number of weeks, by clicking the Subscription button and placing your bet so you don’t miss a draw consistently til you win the jackpot.

c) Tap on “QUICK BUY”




In this scenario, please make sure that your registered account has sufficient balance to proceed with the purchase.
a) If your account has enough balance, this transaction will go through with no issues.
b) If your account has insufficient balance, you will be asked to either add a payment for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or place a deposit to your account.
c) Once all the information is true and correct, click “Pay.”

Compare Austrian Lotto and Powerball

Austrian Lotto and Powerball are different ball games, however both lotteries show strengths and weaknesses side by side. The rules on Austrian Lotto are more simple and less complicated. When it comes to price per line, Austrian Lotto has a cheaper price per line with a minimum jackpot of ₹100.89 Crores. Clearly, this shows that even with a cheap ticket, you can still win a huge prize. Lastly, the probability of winning on the Austrian Lotto is more promising compared to Powerball. For the Powerball, it is expected to charge higher but it also justly lets you win big. Both are wonderful lotters but for this one, Austrian Lotto gives better opportunities for everyone in Asia and more importantly to Indian players.

 Austrian LottoPowerball
Game rulesChoose 6 numbers from 1-45 and additional numberSelect 5 numbers from 1 - 50; and 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 - 10.
Price per lineFrom ₹ 99From ₹160
Minimum jackpot₹100.89 Crores€10 million (around ₹81 Crores)
Previous record jackpot€9,5 million (around ₹75 Crores)€90,000,000.00 (around ₹736 Crores)
Probability of winning1 to 121 in 42
DrawTuesday, Thursday and Saturday 00:30AM Standard India TimeSaturday, 00:30 AM Standard India Time


Austrian Lotto is a trusted huge lottery name known in Europe and all over the world. And with that name and history, There is no doubt that betting in Austrian Lotto is a deal maker. Forget other popular lotteries when you can get tickets at a cheap price with high chances of winning due to its high probability. This is the perfect time to join in and place your stake!


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