Lottoland’s Mega-Sena: The Lottery that triples your Millions!

Lottoland Megasena

Let’s tackle Mega-Sena in Lottland India - how it is played, why it is different from Powerball, and all the things you must know about Mega-Sena.

What is Mega-Sena? (Overview)

In 1996 on the 11th of March, in Brazil, Mega-Sena became the most popular lottery. It’s historical wins made it so and just recently, it was recorded in 2014 that a jackpot was won with approximately ₹770 Crores during New Year’s “Mega da Virada” draw; with the largest jackpot ever in all over South America and Central America.

Winning in Mega-Sena has so many probabilities; with its minimum jackpot around ₹7,7 Crores. If this was not won, it gets carried over for the next lottery draw. It will keep rolling over if nobody has won it yet and with no jackpot maximum amount, it will just grow into a bigger jackpot.

Mega-Sena has given out a huge amount of prizes in history - R$ 135,315.118.96 or around ₹330 Crores is the biggest grand prize recorded. And for the Mega da Virada prizes, R$ 263,295,552.66, around ₹640 Crores was on record.

Mega-Sena is cheaper than your gasoline allowance. With only ₹120 per ticket, you’re joining in on one of the biggest online lottery that will give you this once in a lifetime chance to be a millionaire.

There are three prize tiers in Mega-Sena. For you to start winning, you just need to match at least four consecutive numbers to win the last prize tier. If you match five numbers, you get the second prize tier or “Quadra” and if you match all six numbers, you win the jackpot or “Quina”.

Draws of Mega-Sena take place every Wednesday and Saturday around 8:00 PM Brazilian time (02:30 Indian Standard Time in India - Thursdays and Sundays).



megasena Rules

Mega-Sena rules on how to play are almost the same as other popular lotteries.
Just choose 6 numbers in a pool from 1 to 60. And you may also pick more numbers to play upto 15 in maximum. If you choose 15 numbers, this will automatically activate the ‘Combo’, or system bet. This allows all possible combinations using the numbers you’ve chosen.
You will have to pay more but the beauty of it is that it triples your chance of winning.

ISena - 6 Numbers1x₹68,218,384.75
IIQuina - 5 Numbers90x₹411,476.01
IIIQuadra - 4 Numbers5,989x₹8,833.52
Mega-Sena Results for Sunday 08 May 2022

Winning probability

a) Mega-Sena Odds on Jackpot:

Winning the Mega-sena jackpot is divided into 3 tiers; “Sena” as first tier, “Quina” as second tier and “Quadra” as the third tier. Below in the chart are the winning probability as follows:

TierWinning ProbabilityPercentage of Prize Pool
Sena1: 50,063,86035%
Quadra1: 2,33219%
After this, the prize pool is placed to fund Mega da Virada and other extra draws.

b) Mega-Sena Odds on Combo:
Players can bet in the range of 6 to 15 numbers which is called the combo or system bet. The more you add numbers in your ticket, the more the odds in the jackpot prize escalates. Below is the chart of odds and doubled prize probability:

Numbers ChosenOdds in JackpotOdds at Tier 2Odds at Tier 3

Procedure to Purchase Mega-Sena:

So we’ve discussed Mega-Sena so far about it’s essential details which would help you get to know Mega-Sena and why it is one of America’s popular lottery - it’s characteristics, it’s winning amount, how much you’ll win and all it’s odds of winning the prize per tier and jackpot. This time, we will explain the navigation steps on how to purchase Mega-Sena tickets online at Lottoland ( India.

1) Go to and log in.

a) You need to tap on the head icon (human icon) at the top right corner of the screen to login.

log in

2) Log in to your account.

Log in to your account

b) You don’t have an account yet? Simply click the register icon.
c) If you already have an account, enter your registered email and password information then click “LOG IN NOW”.

If it’s your first time logging in, you may need to fill in a deposit to your account. Kindly refer to this page here for a step by step on how to deposit funds in lottoland asia -

3) Navigate in Lottolandasia website:

Navigate in Lottolandasia

a) Find Mega-Sena, then tap on it.

4) Define your bet.

Define your bet

a) You are to pick 5 numbers from 1–50 and 2 lucky numbers from 1–12. If you change your mind, you may also tap on “delete” or “edit”. The “QuickPick” button will generate a new number combination. To quickly generate more than one line, you can tap on the + 1 QuickPick button which will automatically generate a set of numbers. Note: it’s INR 240 per ticket. For the “Add Your Next Line” button, it lets you manually add a combination of numbers for the next line/ticket should you wish to add more. Note: 1 line costs €1.50 (₹120 crores).


b) How about setting the duration of how long you want to play? You can customize the number of weeks, Subscribe and place your bet so you don’t miss a draw, or join in the Jackpot Hunt until you win the jackpot.

ouble Your Jackpot

c) To increase your winnings you can opt to their exclusive feature which is the Double Your Jackpot. Simply slide the button on to join in. You can double your winnings i.e. from the jackpot amount of €23.35million to the whopping amount of €47million or more.


d) Tap on “QUICK BUY”



1) In this page on Checkout, you have to make sure that your registered account has sufficient funds to cover for the purchase.
a) If your account has enough funds, this transaction will run through smoothly.
b) If your account does not have enough funds, you will be asked to either deposit a payment for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or fill in a deposit to your account.
2) Once you’ve verified the information, click “Pay”.
3) Done! Now you’re all set.

Compare Mega-Sena and Powerball

Mega-Sena is the lottery that butts heads with Powerball not only due to the fact that both is an American-based lottery but also it rivales on its attractive features, price, minimum jackpot and winning probability.
To summarize it simply, USA’s Powerball is a MegaLottery that currently holds the highest jackpot won and awarded several players winning tickets to date. It’s mechanics are entirely different from Mega-Sena, in a nutshell, however, both lotteries give huge winnings to their players depending on how you want the probability is. If you want quick odds but a hefty jackpot then Powerball is for you. But if you want a jackpot with each tiers offering a bigger jackpot enough? Then Mega-Sena is for you.

Game rulesSelect 6 numbers from 1 - 60; add more numbers upto 15 numbers Select 5 numbers from 1 - 50; and 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 - 10.
Price per lineFrom ₹120 From ₹160
Minimum jackpotapprox. ₹7,7 Crores €10 million (around ₹81 Crores)
Previous record jackpot ₹770 Crores€90,000,000.00 (around ₹736 Crores)
DrawWednesday & Saturday 8:00 PM Brazilian time (02:30 Indian Standard Time in India - Thursdays & Sundays)Saturday, 00:30 AM Standard India Time


Mega-Sena is absolutely unique, fun and an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss to win as much as you want in an online lottery. And together with lottoland, now everyone in Asia, specifically India, you now can join in to one of the most popular lottery in America. With an affordable price of one ticket compared to other lotteries with a sure-fire bigger odds, I might rush now and get a ticket on my own. And you should, too.


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