Lottoland’s Brazil Quina: One Ticket for Millions!


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Let’s talk about Brazil Quina of Lottland India; the mechanics, how it compares to Powerball, and all the details about Brazil Quina.

What is Brazil Quina? (Overview)

Brazil Quina is a popular lottery operated by the state bank. It is famous for its high jackpot winnings and draws that take place almost daily, which is six times per week. In India, it is every Tuesday to Saturday at 04:30am, Indian Standard Time.

It’s so easy to play Brazil Quina. All you need to do is to select five numbers from a pool of 1 to 80. To win the jackpot, you must guess all five numbers. For the prizes, there are four tiers respectively which you will win for matching four or three numbers and so on.

The Brazilian Quina costs ₹60 tickets in Lottoland, a deal maker for its cheap price!

In June 2016, a jackpot record of approximately ₹250 Crores (R$143 million) was won during Quina’s Special Draw, which is, fyi, there is no cap for the jackpot. The minimum prize is approximately ₹90 Lakhs.




You are to pick five numbers from a pool of 1 to 80. You can either manually pick your desired numbers, by tapping on the “Pick Your Own Numbers” or tap on the “+ QuickPick '' button to automatically select randomly generated numbers for your first line. If you match all five numbers, you instantly win Brazil Quina’s jackpot prize.

Winning Amount

As indicated above, you’ll start winning at the Brazil Quina lottery if you match two numbers which are the fourth tier. If you match more number combinations, the higher the prize you’ll win leading to the first tier, which is matching five numbers that is the jackpot prize. Below is a chart of the latest winning scenario of all tiers and the amount of prize you can win.

Friday 01 April 01, 2022 Brazil Quina’s Result

TierWinning ScenarioWinnersINR Conversion
15 Numbers1 winners₹120,928,740.25
24 Numbers81 winners₹88,662.06
33 Numbers6,253 winners₹1,093.68
42 Numbers143,761 winners₹47.45

Winning Probability

The odds of winning the top tier, which is Brazil Quina’s jackpot prize, is 1 in 24,040,016. Below is a chart of the breakdown on each tier and its respective odds of winning.

TierWinning ScenarioPercentage of SharesWinning Odds
1Jackpot: Divided to ll players who matched all 5 numbers35%1 to 24,040,016
2Divided to all players who matched all 4 Numbers19%1 to 64,106
3Divided to all players who matched all 3 Numbers20%1 to 866
4Divided to all players who matched all 2 Numbers11%1 to 36

Procedure to Purchase Brazil Quina

So we have presented Brazil Quina’s overview, its basic rules, its winning amount and probability of winning. Now let’s proceed on how you’ll start playing at Brazil Quina at Lottoland asia.
And as the expert guide here, we’ll help you navigate on Lottoland Asia website on how to purchase your Brazil Quina’s first ticket. We’ll discuss how to register and login, the procedures on how to buy your first ticket and all the details and tips you need to know. You can either do this on your pc or mobile phone.

1) Go to and log in.

log in

a) You need to click on the human head icon at the top right corner of the website.

2) Log in to your account.


a) If you don’t have an account yet, click on the Register button.
b) If you already have an account, enter your registered email and password information then click “LOG IN NOW”.

If it’s your first time logging in, you are required to deposit funds to your account to avoid the hassle and get your ticket asap. Please refer to this page below for a step by step navigation on how to place a deposit in lottoland asia -

3) Navigate in website:

Look for Brazil Quina

a)Look for Brazil Quina, then click the “Play Now” button.

4) Define your bet.


a)You are to choose five numbers from numbers 1 to 80. To manually add numbers to your ticket, click on “Pick Your Own Numbers”. If you want a randomly selected combination of numbers, simply click on “+ 1 QuickPick” which will automatically generate numbers for your first ticket.

If you don’t like the numbers, simply click on “Edit” to change specific numbers or “Delete” to remove all numbers altogether. To quickly change the numbers, simply click on the “Quickpick” button. If you wish to add another line on top of your first ticket, just click on “+1 Quickpick” for an automatically designated combination of numbers. Note: it’s INR ₹60 per ticket.



You want an extra game? If you wish to play using the same number combinations for the next consecutive days or a different number this time, you can have it scheduled for 1 to 24 draws or simply tap on the slide button Subscribe to never miss a draw or slide on the Jackpot Hunt button to keep playing until you win the jackpot.

c)Double Your Winnings

double your jackpot

An exclusive feature found only in Lottoland, you can double your jackpot winnings by joining the Double Your Jackpot feature. Simply tap on the slide button. Note: it’s + INR ₹60 on top of your regular single ticket.

d) Click “QUICK BUY”.




1) On the checkout page, make sure that your registered account has sufficient funds to cover the purchase.
-a) If your account has enough funds, the transaction will go through right away.
-b) If your account does not have enough balance, you will be asked to either deposit for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or fill in a deposit to your account directly.
-c) Double check the amount of Payment Due to make sure you are paying for the expected amount.
2) Once all the information is complete, click “Pay”.
3) Done. You have purchased your first Brazil Quina ticket. Congratulations!

Compare Brazil Quina and Powerball

By far, Brazil Quina is highly competitive and is mostly compared to its toughest rival - Powerball.
To give you a quick rundown about Powerball, it’s one of USA’s MegaLottery that currently holds the highest jackpot won and has awarded players generously as we speak.
The mechanics of both lottery is unique just looking at its dynamics. Their only common ground
Is that both lotteries lets you win big based on its probability and its mechanics. And oh, Brazil Quina lets you join the lottery with its cheap ticket for only ₹60 and lets you win easily by sharing revenue with other players if you match any of its tiers. Overall, both lotteries are wonderful. It’s up to your preference.

 Brazil QuinaPowerball
Game RulesChoose to place a stake between 2 until 10 numbers from a pool of 1-70.Select 5 numbers from 1 - 50; and 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 - 10.
Price Per LineFrom ₹ 60From ₹160
Minimum JackpotR$500.000 (around ₹90 Lakhs)€10 million (around ₹81 Crores)
Maximum JackpotR$143 million (₹250 Crores)€90,000,000.00 (around ₹736 Crores)
Jackpot Probability of Winning1 in 24,040,0161 in 292,201,338
Special FeaturesDouble Your Jackpot (₹60)PowerPlay (₹80)
DrawTuesday to Saturday 04:30 AM Indian Standard TimeSaturday, 00:30 AM Standard India Time


Brazil Quina lets you win more easily than any other popular lotteries, hands down. Just by simply matching two numbers in the draw, you are a winner already. What’s more is that the prices of tickets are cheap which makes it more affordable to many in India who want to try their luck with just one ticket. And just imagine with that single ticket, you could be the millionaire you are waiting for all your life. There is no way you would let this opportunity slide. So start now and fast.


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