Biggest Jackpot Prize And Highest Probability Lottery In Lotto247!


The lotteries in Lotto247 with histories of biggest jackpots, ridiculous chances of winning the jackpot, or any prize - all in one article.

With a wide selection of lotteries you can find yourself betting in, especially with Lotto247, you probably asked yourself:
1) which among these are the best ones to bet on?
2) which among these gives me better odds at winning?

In this pursuit towards helping you win, both in the short terms and over the long term, I looked at the history of lottery wins and checked out lottery analysis to give you the best of the best lotteries you can place your bet on where you might either get the highest possible winning, or get the highest possible frequency of winning - and quite possibly both.

Here's the top 3 lotteries with the highest jackpot and/or highest winning probability.

BEST 3 Biggest Prize Lotteries in Lotto247

If you’ll be lucky for just one day in your life, and you win the lottery as a result, you would probably want to win a jackpot as ridiculous as possible. No need to google the list, here’s the top 3 lotteries that historically awarded the largest jackpot amount worldwide.

1) Powerball (US)

us powerball

The most celebrated lottery in the continental United States, Powerball historically has given what is undeniably the highest jackpot prize given in the history of all lottery winnings. Standing tall at 1.586 Billion USD, it holds, to this day, the highest jackpot prize and that was awarded by PowerBall. Next to that are 590.5 Million USD, which holds top 5; 587.5 Million USD, top 6; and, 564.1 Million USD, top 7. This is made possible by the Powerball’s mechanics - one of which rolls over the total jackpot to the next draw as long as no one wins it. It keeps on piling up and up. Next thing you know, it’s billions.

2) Mega Millions (US)

mega millions

Also well known in the US, Mega Millions have the 2nd spot of the highest jackpot ever awarded in the history of all lotteries. With a mere difference of a few million dollars, Mega Millions awarded 1.537 Billion USD. Megamillions also holds the top 3 spot with 656 Million USD and top 4 with 648 Million USD. Just like Powerball, the mechanics of Mega Millions involves rolling over jackpots if no one wins it, no cap - sky's the limit!

3) SuperEnalotto (Italy)


Awarding over 209 million euros, SuperEnalotto finds itself at the top 8 of the biggest lottery wins in history. This is the 1st instance that SuperEnalotto finds itself awarding a jackpot prize over 200 million euros. Historically, next to this one instance, SuperEnalotto has been able to award 177.7 million euros in 2010, 163.25 million euros in 2016, and 147.8 million euros in 2009. SuperEnalotto, just like Powerball and Mega Millions, has jackpot rollovers.

If you want to look at the global rankings, please see the table below.

RankingWinning AmountAmount in Indian Rupee (₹)Lottery
11.586 Billion USD117.9 Trillion INRPowerball (USA)
21.537 Billion USD114.3 Trillion INRMega Millions (USA)
3656 Million USD48.8 Trillion INRMega Millions (USA)
4648 Million USD48.1 Trillion INRMega Millions (USA)
5590.5 Million USD43.9 Trillion INRPowerball (USA)
6587.5 Million USD43.7 Trillion INRPowerball (USA)
7564.1 Million USD41.9 Trillion INRPowerball (USA)
8209 Million Euros17.9 Trillion INRSuperEnalotto (Italy)
9190 Million Euros16.3 Trillion INREuroMillions (Euro)
1090 Million Euros7.7 Trillion INREuroJackpot (euro)

BEST 3 Highest Probability Lotteries in Lotto247

If you’re looking for low hanging fruit that is relatively easier to win than, say, Powerball or Mega Millions, then you are likely to check out the lotteries with highest probability that would help you win the jackpot. Here’s the top 3.

1) Spain El Gordo

el gordo

With the odds of 1 out of 31 million, Spain El Gordo is the lowest of all lowest hanging fruits among all international lotteries with relatively high jackpot to be excited about. This is made possible by Spain El Gordo’s game mechanics that requires you to pick 1) a 5-number combination from 1 to 54, and 2) a “Key Number” from 1 to 9. Historically, it has given over 37 million euros in one jackpot winning ticket at one time. Chances of jackpot prizes being split is high, and that’s what happens when you get the low hanging fruit - too many winners.

2) EuroJackpot


It says it right there - odds of winning 1 in 95m. It’s the 2nd lowest hanging fruit up for grabs. This relatively high odds of winning the jackpot prize is made possible by (guess what) the mechanics of the lottery. To participate, it asks you to pick a 5-number combination from 1 to 50; and a 2-number combination from 1 to 10. As of this writing, there’s a 10 million euros up for grabs for any one bold enough to place a bet and attempt to score.

3) OZ Powerball

OZ Powerball

Okay - it’s not so much of a low hanging fruit, but it is 3rd on the list. With odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 134 Million, OZ Powerball is, perhaps, the best of both worlds - a lottery with a relatively high jackpot that is easier to win based on the odds of winning. This is made possible by the mechanics of the lottery where it asks you to: 1) pick a seven-number combination from 1 to 30; and a “powerball” from 1 to 20. The result is a lottery with a relatively high chance of winning.

Top Lotteries With Highest Odds At Winning Any Prize

Sometimes, one win is all it takes to make ourselves feel better at things especially, you know how much of a drag everything can be. You want to win? I want you to win. Win-win. Here’s a list of lotteries that are likely to let you win.

LotteryOdds of Winning any Prize
France Loto1 in 6
Austria Lotto1 in 12
EuroMillions1 in 13
Italy SuperEnalotto1 in 20
Mega Millions1 in 24
Powerball1 in 25
EuroJackpot1 in 26


At first, I was looking if there was some way a lottery that’s playing a big game could also give better odds at winning. The reality is far from that I’m afraid. The bigger the jackpot expectation, the odds of winning becomes relatively steeper than the low hanging fruits. Then and again, I am convinced that gambling is almost akin to trading. It is not about looking for the best positions to enter, better odds at winning, with a calculated risk-to-reward ratio. But it is about the gambler or trader, their personality and the game they’d rather play on their own.

However, there are lotteries that are worth mentioning like SuperEnalotto, Mega Millions, or Powerball. These are high-yield, big game lotteries that also have the best odds at winning any prize. That speaks a lot. Any gambler worth their salt would give that a shot.

But, I’ll say this. Anyone who has guts can win. Anyone who has the correct number in mind or the best luck that refuses to place a bet is inevitably a loser. Sometimes the question of winning the lottery isn’t about the odds at play or the jackpot to win; rather, it’s a question of whether there’s a ticket placed on a bet for a lottery.

Who knows who the next jackpot winner will be? It could be you.


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