It is the dream lottery of all who has a lottery ticket; it wants you to win and will let you win as much as you can. This is the type of lottery EuroMillions is, just like its name.

What is “EuroMillions”?


EuroMillions is UK-based and it’s official lottery.
It was launched by three respective gaming authorities: the UK's Camelot, France's Française des Jeux, and Spain's Loterías Y Apuestas del Estado. These three countries are the firsts that participated on it’s first launching and in the next 8 months, Ireland, Austria Portugal, Belgium Switzerland, and Luxembourg lotteries joined on the 8th of October 2004 draw.
There are differences in every country with regards to EuroMillions’ rules. One example to explain this is that Ireland has a “Plus” method where you will need to pay €1.00 per line allowing the player to enter another draw but with the same combination. This means, the player will have the chance to win as much as €400,000-500,000 every week betting twice on the lottery!
Another variation which is available in France is an option called, “My Million”, which allows players to add €0.50 per line.

There are things to consider when joining a national lottery based on the EuroMillions dynamics other than creating a trust account to hold your money. It’s purposes are:
A) For settling all amounts that are due
B) For folding the jackpot amounts
This makes sure that all your winnings will be credited with no delay and don’t have to encounter any issues.

Attractiveness of EuroMillions

The Jackpot

The jackpot amount of EuroMillions starts at €17M and it will grow to a whooping €220M. Already, the starting jackpot is a win and it will massively grow into an even bigger win. Imagine winning that huge sum which anyone can be the next winner, and it could be you.

Massive Wins

Your winning at EuroMillions starts at €4; if you have at least two correct numbers. Gradually, your winning grows more respectively, with which the amount depends, as you have more correct numbers.
Check the chart below as follows:

Main 5 numbersLucky Star NumbersProbability Amount of winnings
52Jackpot Prize

Roll-Down Rule

EuroMillions has a rule called the “roll-down” rule. What does this mean?
It is a system that is absolute when all criterias are met.
What are they?
A) When the jackpot has reached €220M, which is the maximum.
B) When all five consecutive draws are placed, there’s no winner.

When both of these criterias are met, the next draw will be the “roll-down” rule.
What happens to the “roll down” rule?
The €220M Jackpot price will be rolled down and divided to winning players from the highest tier and so on.

EuroMillions Rules and Winning Probability

Winning in EuroMillions is easy as it follows. First, you need enough funds on your Lotto247 account. Follow these steps:

1. Pick five numbers from 1-50.
2. Pick two lucky star numbers from 1-12.

Make sure your tickets are completely filled out. In case you don’t know which number you’d pick, you can let the system pick numbers for you randomly.

As always, you just need a little luck to win, but the winning probability in EuroMillions is high. Your odds will be 1:22. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1:139M. Check the cart below.

Main 5 NumbersLucky Star Numbers Probability to winning
201 in 22
211 in 49
121 in 188
301 in 314
311 in 706
221 in 985
401 in 13,811
321 in 14,125
411 in 31,075
421 in 621,503
501 in 3,107,515
511 in 6,991,908
521 in 139,838,160

Purchase Procedure for EuroMillions

Want to start placing bets on EuroMillions now? Just follow these steps.

1. Login/Register to

You can use any browser and any device on logging in on this one. Type in Once you’re on the webpage, check the top right corner of the screen and click Register or Log In.


2. Enter your login information.

Enter your Email and Password. In case you forgot your password, just click Forgot your password? To help recover it. If you don’t have an account yet, just click Register now below the login button.


3. Enough funds in the account

Before you start playing EuroMillions, make sure you have enough funds in your account. If you have zero balance, click the Deposit button on the top right of the screen. The process is very easy. If you have enough balance, then awesome!

Enough funds in the account

4. Go to EuroMillions

You can find EuroMillions right away. On the blue tabs on the left next to Powerball, you can see EuroMillions. Just click it.


5. Think of the number combinations and start placing them.

This might be your lucky day! Start placing your choice of number combinations on the ticket by clicking the numbers. For system generated random numbers, just click the dice image. You want to change your number? Just click the bin image. Once you’ve finally decided your combination numbers, click the Play Now button on the bottom.

Think of the number combinations

6. Purchase Now

Once you’ve clicked the Play Now button, a prompt will appear for you to review your number combinations one more time and to purchase your numbers. Once everything is set, click Purchase Now. Note: Make sure that by this time, you already have enough funds on your account.
And by the way, you have several payment method options. Specifically for India, it would be Visa, UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and G Pay.

Purchase Now

7. Congratulations, you’ve started your first bet on EuroMillions!

Done? Then you’re now in the game! May all the odds be in your favor.

Comparison of EuroMillions and Powerball

EuroMillions and Poweball is both their own games, no wonder they are popular to all players no matter where you play. However, let’s see on the chart below as we compare them both. Each has its edge and is different.


Year First Launched20041992
Participating CountriesFrance, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland (Los),UK (United Kingdom) and Switzerland (Romande).USA
Min. Jackpot€ 17M$40M
Max Jackpot€ 220M, after no winnings after 5 draws, comes “roll-down” ruleNo Cap
Draw SchedTuesday & Friday (21:00 CET)Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday (22:59 EST)
Odds at winning any1 in 221 in 38
Odds at winning the jackpot1 in 139M1 in 292M


As a player, it’s a no-brainer to place your bet on EuroMillions apart from it being one of the most popular and trusted lotteries. If anything, you can logically think that the probability of winning on your side is higher than Powerball based on the chart. Plus, the “roll down” rule is telling you that in the end, it will be a win-win for you even if you didn’t get the jackpot prize because you’ll be getting a part of the roll-down feature and at a high possibility. And no matter where you are, and if you are from India, chances of winning are just a click away. EuroMillions are gaining more Indian players in Lotto247 as we speak. So what are you waiting for? Chances are, you are reading this article because it is your luck, your fate, to winning through EuroMillions.


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