Jackpot.com: How To Withdraw Money?

jackpot.com withdrawal

Whether it is for cutting your losses or securing your winnings, you’ll find it best to know exactly what to do when you want to withdraw your funds from Jackpot.com. This includes the step-by-step process, the limitations, and everything else I can put together.

Withdrawal Method:How To Withdraw Money From Jackpot.com?

It is fairly easy to request a withdrawal of funds from Jackpot.com.

1) Go to Jackpot.com and click “Sign In”. You can find this on the top right of the screen between “Register” and “Item'' tab.

Sign In

2) Once you click, “Sign In, a pop-up box will appear. Enter your login credentials - email and password below.

3) Once you have logged in to your account, Click on your account “(first name) (initial)” - located at the top right corner of the screen.

4) After clicking your account, a drop down box will appear. Click “My Account”.

My Account

5) Next, you will be taken to your account balance page. On Account Info, Click the “Withdraw” button.


6) Then set the amount you want to cash out and click “Withdraw”.

set the amount



By default, you can withdraw a minimum of €5 (419.30 Indian Rupee) and up to €1,000 (83,859.79 Indian Rupee) automatically. For any withdrawal requests beyond €1,000 (83,859.79 Indian Rupee), you'll have to pile up your withdrawal requests where each attempt would satisfy the limits:

1) Not less €5 (419.30 Indian Rupee)

2) Not more than €1,000 (83,859.79 Indian Rupee).

Wait Time

You will need to submit a request first, it will go through pending status but once your withdrawal request gets approved, you’ll only need to wait no more than 72 hours from the time of approval. You should see the funds appearing on your bank account, card, or e-wallet you registered for the withdrawal.

Withdrawal Options

Generally, there would be a total of seven withdrawal options to you. However, this would depend entirely on where you are.

1) Visa
2) Mastercard
3) Fast Bank Transfer
4) Skrill
5) MuchBetter
6) Neteller
7) WebMoney

All these options would have these limits and parameters:
● Minimum Withdrawal of €1 (83.86 Indian Rupee).
● Maximum Withdrawal of €1,000 (83,859.79 Indian Rupee)
● Processing Days - 1 to 3 days.
● No Fees.

NOTE: Okay, okay. I know I just mentioned the minimum withdrawal of €5 (419.30 Indian Rupee), so what gives? The explanation goes like this.

1) If you are returning funds from your Jackpot.com account to the wallet, card, or bank account, the withdrawal limit is set to €1 (83.86 Indian Rupee).
2) If you are using a different account than what you used to deposit funds to your Jackpot.com account, the withdrawal limit is set to €5 (419.30 Indian Rupee).

About Winnings

The truth is returning your funds from your Jackpot.com to your bank account, card, or whatever it is that you used is kind of different from taking home your winnings. Let me explain.

Your winnings are categorized into two things - Jackpot winnings, or secondary (non-jackpot) winnings.

Jackpot Winnings

First of all, congratulations. Chances are you’ve won big or that you're planning to win big. Either way, you are a champ in your heart, or in fact. You are expected to receive a phone call from Jackpot.com’s Customer Experience Team letting you know exactly how lucky you are. There’s that chance of being asked to take part in a small interview which would be a prologue to you appearing in some marketing article soon. If you want to be anonymous, there’s that option for you. It is safe to assume that Jackpot.com wouldn’t force you to do what you don’t want to do. No pressure.

The Customer Experience Team will also be the same people who would schedule and process your winnings. You can get in touch with them via LiveChat, in that same phone call, or via email - support@jackpot.com.

Secondary (Non-Jackpot) Winnings

These types of winnings vary from a few bucks to a hefty sum that is still below the jackpot prize. The withdrawal process is still similar to returning your funds from Jackpot.com to what you used to top-up your account and not lower than €1 (83.86 Indian Rupee), and not more than €1,000 (83,859.79 Indian Rupee). Like all withdrawal requests, it should be done within 72 hours.

When Things Doesn’t Go The Way We Want To

Quoting Murphy’s Law: “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong in the most dramatic, and humorous way.”

LIke everything else in the world, it won’t be perfect. So, I’m setting the proper expectation. There are some instances where you will face issues about your withdrawal. Hence, this part of the article.

1) When your withdrawal request gets refused?
The most common reason why this happens, according to the FAQs, is because you used a different account to withdraw than the account you used to top-up your account. When this happens, you will receive an email about the status of your request, the exact reason for the refusal, and to contact them if there’s any needed help or clarification.

2) Why is my withdrawal request pending?
All withdrawal requests go through a process that should not take more than 72 hours. The status of your request will be “pending” unless refused or approved. If it takes more than that, it will be best to contact Jackpot.com’s Customer Experience Team - via email, Live Chat, or request for them to call you.

3) When you use a different account than what you used to top-up your account?
As mentioned previously, using a different account when requesting for a withdrawal might cause your withdrawal request to be refused.


To conclude:
1) Your withdrawal requests will always enter to a “pending” status after you submit your withdrawal request, until it gets approved or refused - which usually takes no more than 72 hours.

2) Unless you’re using the same account you used your account to top up your account, you might find your request be denied.

3) If you’re using the same financial information, registered on your account when you topped up your account, to request for withdrawal;
a) You can request a withdrawal of a minimum of 83.86 Indian Rupee.
b) You can request for a maximum 83,859.79 Indian Rupee

4) Your request should be approved or denied no more than 72 hours from the time of submission.

5) If you find yourself with a question, or that your request has gone beyond 72 hours without approval or denial, you should at that point contact Jackpot.com’s Customer Experience Team.

You must have won a significant amount now wanting to learn this piece of detail (or you just don’t want to make simple mistakes, or you are in one) that you are in this article so I’d like to give you a congratulations once again! Most clients have no problems with withdrawal so I hope you do, too.

Other than that, if you successfully withdraw your money, just enjoy your earnings and come back winning bigger and better.


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