4 Jackpot.com’s Winners : How They Got The Wins?

Jackpot.com’s Winners

Lead Sentence: To win at the lottery, you gotta learn from the pros or at least the winners - that’s why I looked for lotto winners so we can learn from them - the games they play, how they choose their numbers, and how long they have to wait to win.

4 Jackpot.com’s Winners : How They Got The Wins?

It is fair to feel or even think that winning the lottery is far-fetched. While it holds true for the most part and for most players, there are those that have been gifted with extreme luck at one point in their lives so as to be one of them who won the lottery. Indeed, there’s a certain level of prestige to have the tag “lottery winner” attached to your name. It’s almost like the goddess Fortuna was carrying you in her bosom and showering you with all good things.

But what does it really take to be a lotto winner? Is it really magickal? Or, is it something that normal everyday people with average IQs can also do? Let’s find out.

Lottery Winner: Maria Dolores

Lottery Winner1

Imagine receiving a phone call one day. No, not about your overdue bills. But, in one day, your life has turned around like a complete 180. The news might hit you like a sudden wallop to the chin, you’ll be dizzy but it’s a good one. That’s exactly like Maria Dolores.

What can she share about how she won? 6 months, quick pick, and lots of patience.

She chose a quick pick - you know, that system generated, randomized number picker thing. She also has a subscription going. It took her 6 months to get her 1st win with euromillions.

Read her full story here:

Lottery Winner: Valentin

Lottery Winner2

Valentin is a hardworking welder from Enfield. Gone are the days where he has to wake up in the morning preparing for another day of completely attaching two metals firmly. Now, his new problem is how he's going to spend all of €248,000.

What can she share about how he won? Extreme luck.

He saw an online advertisement about Euro Millions. He clicked and took action and didn’t think about it too much. 3 days after that, he won!

Read his full story here:

Lottery Winner: Sililat

Lottery Winner3

Sililat is a student from Laos, Cambodia. A hefty $50,000.00 out of the blue that she won by placing a bet with two lotteries: 1) Powerball, and 2) Euro Millions. The fact that the “Jackpot.com” team decided to fly to Laos to personally give her winnings and get her in a quick interview.

What did she do to win? Placed bets on two different lotteries - Powerball and Euro Millions. Diversification. It means never place all your eggs in one basket.

Read her full story here:

Lottery Winner: Anonymous

Lottery Winner4

This anonymous person is a he. Imagine the best time to win a lottery. The anonymous winner won at what many would consider the luckiest time of the year - a few days before Christmas. According to him in his interview, he ran screaming that he won! The shock factor and shear force of extreme luck!

What did he do to win? Quick Pick.
He says he never wins anything if he goes with his pre-selected numbers.

Read his full story here:

Explanation Of 3 Lotteries They Used

One of the factors that converts a person from a player to a winner is the lottery they play. Theoretically, if other people can win in that lottery, then you should be able to win following their examples, right? One of the factors, for sure, is the lottery they enter. Here’s a quick summary of the lotteries our winners above played and won on.


  • Europe’s favorite lottery.
  • Euromillions has been making millionaires since 2004.
  • There are a total of 13 tiers of different prizes depending on how many numbers match.
  • Draws every Tuesday and Fridays, 21:00 CET.
  • To play, select 5 numbers from 1 to 50; and, 2 lucky stars from 1 to 12.
  • Your odds of winning any prize is 1 out 13. Winning the jackpot, 1 out of approximately 140 million.

Check full details here: https://www.jackpot.com/


  • Probably the biggest lottery in the United States of America.
  • Tickets can be bought in 45 States.
  • Been making people millionaires since 1992.
  • Draws every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 PM EST (3:59PM BST/GMT)
  • To play - select 5 numbers from 1 to 69; and 1 powerball from 1 to 26.
  • Your odds at winning any prize is 1 out of 38.
  • Winning the jackpot, 1 out of approximately 292 million.

Check full details here: https://www.jackpot.com/


  • Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Rome 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT). If it falls on a holiday, they move it to the next day.
  • To play - select 6 numbers from 1 to 90.
  • Your odds at winning any prize is 1 out of 22.
  • To win the jackpot, your odds is at 1 out approximately 622 million.

Check full details here: https://www.jackpot.com/


So, what did we learn so far?

  1. Luck is arbitrary. Some jackpot winners are lucky with beginner's luck. Some jackpot winners had to wait for 6 months to get their 1st win.
  2. The lottery you enter matters. At least with these examples, we see that they win with either Euro Millions, Powerball or SuperEna.
  3. Where you are is irrelevant. We have winners in Malta, England, and Cambodia. It means you can be anywhere in the world that has internet access like India, or Vietnam, and still has that same chance of winning.
  4. Quick Pick - go random. None of the winners have their predefined numbers that they go with. They go with a quick pick. One of them even said - he doesn’t win anything with predefined numbers but only with randomly picked numbers.

More importantly, all of these winners will not be winners without a ticket bought. Time is irrelevant. Their stories tell us that you can win as long as you have a chance to win. And, that chance to win costs less than $10.

Give yourself a chance to win today. Who knows you might just become the next winner.


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