Lottoland’s Cricket Lotto: Your Best Shot to Millions!

Lottoland Cricket lotto

Let’s talk about Cricket Lotto in Lottoland; its mechanics, its comparability from Powerball, and all other information about Cricket Lotto.

What is Cricket Lotto? (Overview)

cricket lotto

Cricket Lotto is one of the popular lotteries that doesn’t need too much analyzing on how to play, for it has almost the same rules like any other known lotteries. So if you’re familiar with the mechanics of online lotteries specifically in Lottoland, then you’re in luck. However, Cricket Lotto is way more competitive, has higher odds and has huge jackpot winnings.

To play Cricket Lotto is simple; all you need to do is to select six numbers from the pool of 1-49. Once you have your lucky combination of numbers, you only need to match all six numbers on the draw and you will win the jackpot prize. It’s as easy as that.

The cheapest single ticket you can have in Cricket Lotto is as low as ₹80. Plus, you can have an extra draw at a cheaper price by playing Extra Innings which costs ₹19. This also guarantees a prize for approximately ₹1.8 Crores.
But how about doubling your winnings? Then simply play Double the Jackpot for ₹7 Crores, for paying just an extra ₹80. How does this makes your winnings double?
Simply put, if you won ₹50 Crores, Lottoland Asia ensures you receive ₹100 Crores. Now that’s generous as ever.

Cricket Lotto’s winning history is as awesome as most lotteries; the minimum prize is approximately ₹3.6 Crores and the maximum jackpot is approximately ₹73 Crores. Isn’t that a great deal?

Draws of Cricket Lotto takes place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 02:10AM Indian Standard Time




To play Cricket Lotto, draw, you are to 6 numbers from 1-49. You may also tap on the QuickPick option (Quick+1) which automatically choose system generated numbers. Remember that matching all 6 numbers will win you Cricket Lotto’s jackpot prize.

Winning Amount

Below the chart is a live winning amount on each prize tiers and the approximate amount you can win. The numbers may vary depending on the INR conversion and fluctuation.

Friday 29 Apr 2022 Results

TierWinning ScenarioWinnersINR Conversion
I6 Matching Numbers2x₹85,280,356.45
II5 Matching Numbers74x₹66,891.02
III4 Matching Numbers3,102x₹2,269.24
IV3 Matching Numbers55,100x₹411.34

With Extra Innings Draw

TierWinning ScenarioWinnersINR Conversion
I6 Matching Numbers0x₹17,139,239.11
II5 Matching Numbers33x₹59,987.34
III4 Matching Numbers1,996x₹1,713.92
IV3 Matching Numbers39,747x₹171.39

Winning Probability

The odds of winning the jackpot prize (top tier), is 1 in 13,933,816. Below in the chart is the other tier odds and winning probability for your reference.

TierNumbersWinning ProbabilityINR Conversion
IMatch 6 numbers1 :13,983,816₹3,64,05,025
IIMatch 5 numbers1 : 55,491₹94,684
IIIMatch 4 numbers0.758333333₹2,994
IVMatch 3 numbers1:57₹436

With Extra Innings Draw

TierNumbersWinning ProbabilityINR Conversion
IMatch 6 numbers1 : 13,983,816₹1,81,54,268
IIMatch 5 numbers1 : 55,491₹63,527
IIIMatch 4 numbers0.758333333₹1,815
IVMatch 3 numbers1:57₹181

Procedure to Purchase Cricket Lotto

Now we’ve finished discussing about the mechanics, winning amount, and odds and probability of Cricket Lotto and why it should become your favorite lottery of all time. Now all you need to do is to set yourself up for your very first Cricket Lotto ticket. Let’s walk you through down from logging into the lottoland asia website, till purchasing your Cricket Lotto ticket. Follow these steps and start playing!

1) Go to website and then log in.


2) Log in to your account.


a) If you don’t have an account yet, tap register button on the top left corner of the screen.

b) If you already have an account, key in your registered email and password. Then click, “LOG IN NOW”.

If it’s your first time logging in into your account, you can follow the steps here on how to add a deposit to your account. Please click on this link for a step by step navigation details:

3) Navigate: Click the three bar icon on the left corner of the screen:


Look for Cricket Lotto then click on “Play Now” button.

4) Choose your bet.

a) DEFINE YOUR BET: You are on this page to define your bet. Choose your 6 combination of numbers. Usually, there are pre-selected numbers once you reach here, however, feel free to click the trash bin button to delete other lines/tickets. To change the numbers, simply click on the existing numbers to edit them manually. To automatically add another line with system generated numbers, click on Add QuickPick button. A single ticket costs ₹80, which is the lowest possible prize on Cricket Lotto.


b) DOUBLE THE JACKPOT: Wanna double your winnings? Simply tick on the box for the “Double the jackpot to ₹7 Crores.”


c) EXTRA INNINGS: Want to play Extra Innings? Then simply tick on the box as well. This option is for ₹19 on top of the line/lines.


d) DRAW: Define your draw by deciding on when would you like to play. On the Draw section, you can either choose on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday or all three days in a week.


e) DURATION: To define the duration on how long would you like to play, simply choose on the Duration section. You can play in 1,2,4, to 8 weeks or simply tick on the Sub. box, which means Subscription which allows you to keep playing until you win the jackpot.


g) Click “QUICK BUY” to purchase.



1) In the checkout page, you have to make sure that your account has enough funds to cover for your purchase.
a) If your account has enough balance, the transaction will go through smoothly.
b) If your account has insufficient funds, you will be asked to either deposit a payment using your trusted payment method option, or add a deposit to your account.
2) Once all the information is filled, simply click “Pay Now”.
3) Done! Congratulations and start playing Cricket Lotto now.

Compare Cricket Lotto and Powerball

Cricket Lotto alone is an easy win for every lotto enthusiasts but then again, it often competes with other popular lotteries and one of its rival is easily Powerball.
Powerball’s history is not to be underestimated with. It has been one of the famed lotteries since it is a MegaLottery established from the USA. And even to this day, it is still well-received all over the world for it keeps letting players win as we speak.
But how does Cricket Lotto competes against Powerball? To look at it, basically on the price per line alone, Cricket Lotto is winning. Moreover, the maximum jackpot isn’t that bad considering you will be paying cheap and you can even play more for a single draw. And what’s more is that the draw is three times a week compared to Powerball which is only once every week. For a clear comparison, refer to the chart below.

 Cricket LottoPowerball
Game RulesSelect 6 numbers from 1 - 49.Select 5 numbers from 1 - 50; & 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 - 10.
Price Per LineFrom ₹80From ₹160
Minimum Jackpotaround ₹3.6 Croresaround ₹81 Crores
Maximum Jackpotaround ₹73 Croresaround ₹736 Crores
Jackpot Probability of Winning1 in 13,983,8161 in 292,201,338
DrawWednesday, Friday and Sunday 02:10 Indian Standard TimeSaturday, 00:30 AM Standard India Time


Cricket Lotto is easy to learn, is popular and one of the most-loved lottery in Lottoland Asia. And if you are wanting for a cheaper rate for more tickets to place, then Cricket Lotto is already the online lottery you are looking for. And for all Indian lottery enthusiasts, this will be your chance of a lifetime.The odds, the price and the jackpot is enough for you to keep playing all over and over again. When are you gonna start winning your millions but now?


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