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This article presents Lotto247s keno - its variants, the prizes, the odds or probabilities of winning, how to place a bet and everything there is that you need to know about keno.

Intro to KENO

A game of Keno is known to be called a “Keno Race” and is very similar to Lotto247 - you know, pick your number and you win based on how right your guesses are.

It requires no skill to play, no difficult rules to follow, or strategies to be aware of - just luck. If you’re someone, like me, who doesn't exactly want to have to think and just wants to relax - you know, letting lady luck decide your fate; this game will feel like it has been made just for you.

What Is KENO In Lotto247?

In a nutshell, Lotto 247’s KENO is akin to lottery only that you get to:

1) Choose a set of numbers from 1 to 80, instead of the typical 1 to 60 or 70.

2) The set of numbers can go up to 12 numbers - depending on the KENO game you wish to place a bet on.

3) You get to win based on the number of hits or correct guesses you have on your ticket. The more correct guesses or "catches" you have, so does your winnings grow accordingly.

4) You win the jackpot when all your guesses turn out to be correct - and that all of them are on your ticket.

5) Win frequently. Keno draws every 3-5 minutes, or even 2 minutes. Overall, it beats waiting days or weeks for a draw.

Your chances of winning are frequent with very little technicalities - almost no brainer.

Rules of KENO

Traditionally, Keno is played in Casino lounges that are specifically made for the game - called “Keno runners”. They’ll collect the tickets and send out winnings if the player desires to participate while away from the lounge.

There’s the video version of Keno which looks like a slot coin-operated machine. It follows the same rules as with the keno that is played in the lounge.

So, what are the rules? Good question.

The rules are simple. Select a set of numbers from 1 to 80. You win based on how right you are - or at least, your guesses.

Kinds Of KENO

There are 4 different KENO games you can participate in within Lotto247’s online platform - these are KENO 9, KENO 10, KENO 11, and KENO 12.

The numbers after their names indicate the amount of numbers that will have to be included in your ticket to start playing. Keno 9 will ask you 9 numbers; keno 10, 10 numbers; and so on, and so forth.

Confusing? Here’s another way to put it.

KENO 9 will have you choose 9 numbers.
KENO 10, 10 numbers.
KENO 11, 11 numbers.
KENO 12, 12 numbers.

If all your guesses turn out to be correct, you win the jackpot - and even if

Odds at Winning KENO

Like all games of chances, it only takes one winning ticket to change your life - one, not 2. That being said, I think it is right and proper for me to present your odds at getting that one ticket to be extra wealthy by playing KENO.

# of SpotsOdds of Hitting
KENO 9Odds
91 in 1,380,687.65
81 in 30,681.95
71 in 1,690.11
61 in 174.84
51 in 30.67
41 in 8.76
31 in 4.06
21 in 3.16
11 in 4.53
01 in 15.67
KENO 10Odds
101 in 8,911,711.18
91 in 163,381.37
81 in 7,384.47
71 in 620.68
61 in 87.11
51 in 19.44
41 in 6.79
31 in 3.74
21 in 3.39
11 in 5.57
01 in 21.84
KENO 11Odds
111 in 62,381,978.23
101 in 945,181.49
91 in 35,244.05
81 in 2,430.62
71 in 277.18
61 in 49.49
51 in 13.50
41 in 5.60
31 in 3.59
21 in 3.73
11 in 6.95
01 in 30.57
KENO 12Odds
121 in 478,261,833.14
111 in 5,978,272.91
101 in 184,230.29
91 in 10,482.07
81 in 980.78
71 in 142.30
61 in 31.05
51 in 10.06
41 in 4.86
31 in 3.57
21 in 4.21
11 in 8.79
01 in 43.05

To give you a perspective, the odds of winning a lottery like Powerball is 1 out of 292M. With the exception of KENO 12, all KENO games give you better odds at winning.

Jackpot Prize of Keno

If you look at the odds of winning, and the frequency of the draws, it might make sense that the jackpot prize isn't international lottery level. While admittedly the prize isn’t as lucrative as, say, with a lottery. The beauty of Keno lies more in the amount of times you can enter a game and win. That being said, here’s the jackpot prizes of Keno 9, Keno 10, Keno 11, and Keno 12.

KENO 9€5,000 (433,058.82 Indian Rupee)
KENO 10€10,000 (866,120.00 Indian Rupee)
KENO 11€25,000 (2,165,660.94 Indian Rupee)
KENO 12€50,000 (4,331,650.00 Indian Rupee)

How To Play KENO

1) Log in to your Lotto247 account.

a) If you don’t have an account, create an account.
b) If you have an account, make sure it has enough funds.
c) If your account doesn’t have a deposit yet, tap that orange deposit button at the top right to begin the process of funding your account.
d) If your account has funds, tap on the menu bar beside the Lotto247 logo at the top.


2) The menu bar should pull up all directory of all parts of the Lotto247 platform. Just below where you see “Casino”, you should see “Keno” - tap that.

tap keno

3) Pick your game - Keno 9, Keno 10, Keno 11, or Keno 12. Tap “play now.”

pick your game

4) Pick your numbers or tap auto pick.

pick number

5) Review your numbers and tap “Purchase now”.


Viola! That shouldn’t be difficult. If you come across any errors, get in touch with their expert customer support via chat, email, or ask them to call you.


If you’re looking for a game where you can: 1) win more frequently. 2) have better odds at winning. 3) put less money on tickets. 4) waste less time waiting for results; then, keno is best for you.

If you’re okay with the dynamics of other gambling games, you’ll be definitely okay with Keno.

If you’re looking to win more frequently - place bets on keno. No, I will not guarantee that you will win. However, you will only win if you have a chance, and the only way for anyone to gain that chance, regardless of where they are, be it in India, Pakistan, or Netherlands, is to place a bet.

Sky's the limit to those who have the courage to, at least, try.


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