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Lotto India

In this article we explore Lotto India, India’s first online lottery playable twice a week all over the country and the world.

With standard jackpots of ₹4 Crore each draw this is India’s biggest game.

Bumper Draws of ₹40 Crore are held for the same entry price of ₹40 on special occasions, such as the Independence Day Bumper and the New Year Bumper.

The sections below focus on:

  • Lotto India, its rules and statistics
  • How to play Lotto India at Lottery World
  • A comparison of Powerball and Lotto India

So scroll down to find out all the details and maybe you could be the next Lotto India Bumper Draw winner!

What is Lotto India?

Lotto India draws are held at 18:00 IST every Tuesday and Friday with tickets costing only ₹40.

Lotto India jackpots do not roll over, so you’re playing for the same prizes each time (apart from the Bumper ₹40 Crore draws of course!).

There is an unbelievable 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize!

Rules and prize statistics of Lotto India

Lotto India draws consist of six numbers between 1 and 50 and a Joker Ball between 1 and 5.

Match all 6 main draw numbers and the Joker Ball to win the jackpot.

Match between 2 and 6 main draw balls to win one of the lower tier prizes or just the Joker Ball to win a Free Bet Bonus.

All Lotto India prizes are insured in Euros and converted to Indian Rupees. This means the exact prize amounts may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Lotto India’s prize tiers and odds of winning are summarised here:

Matches (+ Joker Ball)PrizeOdds of Winning
6 + 1Jackpot (₹4 Crore or ₹40 Crore)1 in 79,453,500
6 + 0₹750,0001 in 19,863,375
5 + 0₹80,0001 in 75,240
4 + 0₹4,0001 in 1,400
3 + 0₹4001 in 75
2 + 0₹401 in 10
0 + 1Free Bet Bonus1 in 5

How to play Lotto India at LotteryWorld

1. Log in to your LotteryWorld account


From the LotteryWorld homepage, tap on the My Account icon to sign in.
If you haven’t already made an account, use our How to Register guide to sign up.

2. Add funds to your account to make purchases


To play lotteries at LotteryWorld you use deposited funds.
Add to your balance by tapping the display on the homepage.
You can choose lottery numbers first but you’ll need to make a deposit before purchasing a ticket.
See our How to Deposit guide for a full explanation.

3. Add three Quick Picks

Quick Picks

From the homepage, tap the menu icon to bring up the side menu.
Tap “3 Quick Picks” to instantly add three random lines to your ticket.

3.a. Choose a single Lotto India line 1

Choose a single

If available, tap the Lotto India “Play Now” button on the homepage to be taken to a page where you can add a single line of Lotto India numbers.

3.a.1. Select your numbers

Select your numbers

You can get a random selection using the “Quick Pick” button or add your own numbers one by one.
If you want to change any selected number just tap it and change your selection.
Tap “Done” when you are happy with your numbers.

3.b. Choose a single Lotto India line 2

Lotto India line 2

A second route to adding a single Lotto India line is by tapping “Tap here to see all Lotteries” further down the homepage.
Find the Lotto India row and tap “Play Now”.

3.b.1. Select your numbers

Add your numbers as in step 3.a.1 and tap “Done” to confirm your line.

4. Add or remove lines to your Lotto India ticket

Add or remove lines

Add another Quick Pick line, delete a line with the trash can icon or manually select another line of numbers with the ticket icon.
Choose 1, 2, 4 or 8 draws to enter your lines into. Get a 20% discount by hitting “Subscribe” and play the next 8 draws.
Tap “Add To Cart” to confirm your ticket.

5. Make your purchase

Make your purchase

Enter any Promotion Code you have to get your discount.
Tap “Pay Now” to buy your ticket.

Lotto India vs Powerball

The United States’ Powerball is famously one of the world’s largest lotteries. Let’s see how Lotto India stacks up against this giant.

This table shows some basic statistics of each lottery:

CategoryLotto IndiaPowerball
Purchase Price₹40₹300
Number of Draws Per Week23
Jackpot Winning Odds1 in 70,453,5001 in 292,201,338
Guaranteed Jackpot₹4 Crore or ₹40 Crore₹300 Crore
Jackpot RolloverNoYes
Overall Odds of Winning1 in 31 in 25
Bottom Tier PrizeFree Bet Bonus₹300
Odds of Winning Bottom Tier1 in 51 in 38

As you can see, Lotto India and Powerball are two very different lotteries.

Powerball is a high-priced mega jackpot draw with long odds of winning whereas Lotto India is a very affordable lottery offering much greater chances of claiming a prize.

If you’re the type of player who can afford a more expensive ticket and don’t mind waiting a long time to see any return, Powerball could be for you.

If you like the sound of ₹40 tickets and a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize, then Lotto India is the obvious choice.


Lotto India is a twice weekly lottery with incredibly affordable ₹40 tickets and some of the best jackpot winning odds around.
Jackpots don’t rollover but there are ₹40 Crore Bumper Draws several times a year.
If you play Lotto India through LotteryWorld you can get a 20% discount when you subscribe.


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