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This article is about "EuroJackpot" by Lotto247 India. This explains you about the rules, prizes, the steps to play the game, and some comparisons with Powerball.

What is the EuroJackpot lottery?


The EuroJackpot lottery is fast growing fascinating game which launched in 2012. A starting jackpots prize is €10 million (approximately US $10 million [), but it can be as high as €120 million as rollover cap in place, and you can play on Tuesday and Friday every week. It is simple to play, you just choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 EuroNumbers from 1 to 12 to possibly win the dream prize!

How to buy and play?

1) Go to Lotto247 site and register to open your account


Access to "Lotto247" ( and select all lottery. Then you can find "EuroJackpot" burner. Click on register and give necessary information such as your name, address, phone number, mail address and so on. Once you created your account at "Lotto247", you can play this EuroJackpot as well as other lottery games which Lotto247 has. Also Lotto247 sometimes makes some offer, so check it out as well.

2) Find EuroJackpot game burner

find EuroJackpot

On the Homepage, play Lottery Online, click icon "View All Lotteries". Then scroll down to find "EuroJackpot" and click on Play now. There explanation of how to play the game as well, but also you can read below here to grasp.

3) How to play EuroJackpot?

Just select your numbers: 5 main numbers out of 50 numbers and choose 2 EuroNumbers from 12 numbers given on each ticket. You can select your own numbers but also you can use the Lotto247 Quick Pick method, which generates random numbers for you. So it is no stress to think about numbers! Click Play Now. Select how many draws you want to do. Then confirm the purchase.

How to play EuroJackpot?

Payment methods: you can pay by your Visa or Mater card, UPI or G Pay.
One game only costs €2.

4) That's all you have to do, and cross your fingers and wait for the draw!

You can play this lottery every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 in Helsinki, Finland.


The value of prizes depend on the number of tickets sold and how many winners are in each draw. However a starting jackpots prize is €10 million, and you could win much more, as the prize rolls over to the next draw if nobody wins the EuroJackpot lottery jackpot.

Five (5) numbers + 2 Euro Numbers€32,272,388
Five (5) numbers + 1 Euro Numbers€503,062
Five (5) numbers€112,987
Four (4) numbers + 2 Euro Numbers€4,517
Four (4) numbers + 1 Euro Numbers€268
Four (4) numbers€106
Three (3) numbers + 2 Euro Numbers€87
Three (3) numbers + 1 Euro Numbers€19
Three (3) numbers€16
Two (2) numbers + 2 Euro Number€22
Two (2) numbers + 1 Euro Number€9
One (1) number + 2 Euro Number€11

Compare Powerball and EuroJackpot

Powerball takes place three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening in the US.
It is also easy and simple. You select 5 numbers from 1 ~ 69 and a PowerBall from 1 ~ 26. One draw ticket only costs $3.95 (about ₹300). If you select PowerPlay option, your winning chance will be 10 times more!

EuroJackpot draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 in Helsinki, Finland. This game is a little simpler than Powerball, just pick five numbers from 1 to 50 and two EuroNumbers from 1 to 12. One ticket cost €2.00 (about $2.00 and about ₹160). Your winning chance is 1 in 32.

Game rulesChoose 5 numbers from 1 to 50;
and 2 EuroNumbers from 1 to 12.
Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69;
and 1 "Power Ball" from 1 to 26.
Price per lineFrom €2.00 (₹160)From $3.95 (₹300)
Jackpot€32 million (around ₹208 Crores)
(average Jackpot)
[* with the exchange rate on 22 Aug. 2022]
$1 million (around ₹6.5 Crores)
[* with the exchange rate on 22 Aug. 2022]
Overall winning
1 in 321 in 25
DrawTuesday and Friday
approx 20:00 CET
Tuesday, Thursdays & Sundays 08:30 CET


EuroJackpot is the fastest growing European lottery whoes first draw took place on Friday, March 23rd 2012. This game offers amazing colossal jackpot draws. You can play twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday a week. It is simple to play online from India! Just go to Lotto247 official website using your PC or smartphone. It is as enjoyable as playing PowerBall or many other lottery games, and you could win a huge prize.

One play only costs €2.00 (about ₹160) and pick five numbers and 12 EuroNumbers. Winning a huge rolled over jackpot would make your dream come true. So nothing can stop you to try one of the exciting lottery games that anyone could participate from anywhere in the world by just accessing to Lotto247. Your wining ticket is automatically checked and the prize will be credited to your account. The site offers chat help and it is secure to play without worrying to loose your ticket or forgetting to check the draw. So it is time to play it!


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