Lottoland’s 6/49 GO!: 20 Years to Win Millions!?

6/49 go

Let’s discuss about 6/49 GO! in Lottoland; the overview, how to play, and all other important details about S6/49 GO!.

What is ‘6/49 GO!’? (Overview)

6/49 go

Lottoland’s 6/49 GO! is a lotto betting lottery that lets you win every hour, everyday.
Like most popular lotteries, its rule is easy to understand but with more ways to win, more prizes and twists!

To start playing is simple - just choose six numbers from a pool of 1-49, or press the QuickPick button for automatic random numbers. And lastly, choose your “SuperNumber”, as the last number, from a pool of 0-9. Then press “submit” button to pay for your ticket. And have I mentioned a single line costs only ₹96? Yes, you read that right.

To win the jackpot prize, you have to match all six numbers and the “SuperNumber”. You can win as much as ₹64.5 Crores, which is the jackpot amount. And you can win in an infinitely amount of time because the draws take place every hour, in a day. That is 24 times a day, 7 days a week. If that is not magnificent news, there are three additional games which are Spiel 77, Super6 and the GlücksSpirale.
And one more thing…if you do not match any of the numbers at all, you get your money back. It’s as simple as that and it’s a win-win.




To play, choose six numbers from a pool of 1-49. You may also tap on the QuickPick (Quick+1) option. Don’t forget to pick your “SuperNumber” from a pool of 1-9. It will be the last digit of your combination numbers.
For additional game, simply tick on the boxes of either Spiel 77, Super6 and the GlücksSpirale or join all the games. You decide.

Winning Amount

The chart below shows the live winning amount of Sunday's winners as stated.
The winning amounts are interchangeable depending on the INR Conversion and fluctuation.

May 15 2022 at 15:30 6/49 GO! Sunday Results

TierWinning ScenarioINR Conversion
16 Numbers and SuperNumber₹645,425,272.00
26 Numbers₹8,067,815.90
35 Numbers and SuperNumber₹806,781.59
45 Numbers₹80,678.16
54 Numbers and SuperNumber₹8,067.82
64 Numbers₹3,227.13
73 Numbers and SuperNumber₹806.78
83 Numbers₹403.39
92 Numbers and SuperNumber₹201.70
100 numbersStake Back

Spiel 77 May 15 2022 at 15:30 6/49 GO! Sunday Results

TierWinning ScenarioINR Conversion
17 Numbers₹14,342,721.07
26 Numbers₹6,274,905.17
35 Numbers₹627,434.04
44 Numbers₹62,686.93
53 Numbers₹6,212.22
62 Numbers₹1,371.53
71 Number₹403.39

Winning Probability

The odds of winning the jackpot prize tier, is at 1 in 139 838 16. Below in the chart is the other succeeding tiers and its odds. Also included is the amount you can possibly win for the additional games and its respective tiers.

6/49 GO! Odds and Probability

TierNumbersWinning ProbabilityEUR Conversion
16 numbers and “SuperNumber”1 : 139 838 16€1,000,000
26 numbers1 : 15 537 573€100,000
35 numbers and “SuperNumber”1 : 542 008€10,000
45 numbers1 : 60 223€1,000
54 numbers and “SuperNumber”1 : 10 324€100
64 numbers1 : 1 147€40
73 numbers and “SuperNumber”1 : 567€10
831 : 63€5
92 numbers and “SuperNumber”1 : 76€2
1001 : 2.55€1 (stake back)

Spiel 77 Probability based off EUR
Tier Numbers EUR Conversion

TierNumbersEUR Conversion
17 numbers€177,777
26 numbers€77,777
35 numbers€7,777
44 numbers€777
53 numbers€77
62 numbers€17
71 numbers€5

Super 6 Probability based off EUR

TierNumbersEUR Conversion
16 numbers€100,000
25 numbers€6,666
34 numbers and “SuperNumber”€666
43 numbers€66
52 numbers and “SuperNumber”€6
61 number€2.50

GlücksSpirale Probability based off EUR

TierNumbersINR Conversion
17 numbers€10,000 a month for the 20 years
26 numbers€100,000
35 numbers€10,000
44 numbers€1,000
53 numbers€100
62 numbers€25
71 number€10

The Uniqueness of ‘6/49 GO!’

There are three additional options for you to win more on top of your main numbers. These are the Spiel 77, Super6 and the GlücksSpirale.

What is Spiel 77?
Spiel 77 is a prize on draw based on the designated numbers you have. To join in, simply tick on the box of Spiel 77. Automatically, the system will assign a randomly generated 7 numbers. To win the jackpot on Spiel 77, you have to match all 7 numbers at the correct order. You can win the jackpot amount as much as €177,777 which is around ₹14 million! If you missed the jackpot prize but have correctly guessed the last 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 numbers, you can still win based on the prize tiers. To join Spiel 77, you have to pay an additional ₹200.

Super6 is almost the same with Spiel 77 but you only need to match the 6 designed numbers.
Match all these 6 numbers with the right order and you win, just like that. It also has prizes if you miss all 6 numbers but correctly guess the rest of numbers. You can win a jackpot amount here with as much as €100,000 which is around ₹8 million. To join Super6, you have to pay an additional ₹100.

GlücksSpirale is another additional game for your designated ticket number. Match all 7 numbers on the correct order and you’ll win a monthly prize of €10,000, which is around ₹787,000. Again, you will receive this amount monthly for 20 years. To join GlücksSpirale, you have to pay an additional ₹400.

But what if you don’t match any of these numbers? Simple, you get to have your money back. Satisfaction in 6/49 GO! is truly guaranteed.

Procedure to Purchase ‘6/49 GO!’

We’ve finished talking about the overview, mechanics and the uniqueness of 6/49 GO!. Now we'll walk you through Lottoland India’s website on how to purchase your 6/49 GO! ticket. From navigation to the purchasing page, we’ll help you out with the step by step process. Keep scrolling and just follow the steps below to get your very first 6/49 GO! ticket

1) Go to website and then log in.

Log in to your account.


a) If you don’t have an account, Click the Register button on the left corner.
b) If you already have an account, key in your registered email and password. Then click, “LOG IN NOW”.


If it’s your first time logging in into your account, you may read the steps here on how to add a deposit to your account. Please click on this link for a detailed walkthrough for you.

3) Navigate: Click the three bar icon on the left corner of the screen and find 6/49 GO!.
Click Play Now button.


4) Choose your bet.

a) DEFINE YOUR BET: On this page, pick your 6 combinations of numbers and 1 number. Click on Add QuickPick and the system will give you your first automatically system generated numbers.

To change your numbers of your preference, simply click on the numbers to manually change it and simply delete all the numbers altogether by clicking on the trash bin icon. To add another line, click on Add QuickPick button. A single ticket costs ₹96.


b) ADDITIONAL GAMES: To win more and play additional games on top of your main numbers, tick on the boxes of the game of your choosing. Spiel 77 costs ₹200, Super6 for ₹100 and the GlücksSpirale for ₹400. Note that the Ticket Number will be your numbers for the additional games.


c) Click “QUICK BUY” to purchase.




1) In the checkout page, you have to make sure that your account has enough funds to cover for this purchase.
a) If your account has enough funds, the transaction will go through.
b) If your account has insufficient funds, you will be required to either deposit a payment using your trusted payment method option, or fill in a deposit to your account.
2) Once all the information is filled, simply tap on “Pay”.
3) You’re done. Congratulations to your first ‘6/49 GO!’ ticket.


6/49 GO! is the future of online lotteries as it gives alot of options to every lottery lovers especially Gen Z and Millenials who love so many ways to win but in a faster rate. 6/49 GO! provides all of these options from a daily 24 times draw to unique additional games and guaranteed money back if you don’t get to guess any one number. Indian lottery enthusiasts had been talking about this game and maybe you’re the only one who just first heard of this so what are you waiting for?


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