[Lottoland]Starting a new year with El Niño!

El Niño

This article shows you about how to play "El Niño" lottery online, including the rules, prizes, and some comparisons with other lottery games like US Powerball.

What is the El Niño game?

El Niño lottery is an annual game which is held on 6th January in Madrid, Spain. It has very attractive massive jackpot that is estimated €700 million (about ₹6,107.2 Crores) for this coming new year! El Niño gives people for a second big chance after the Christmas lottery, El Gordo game, which this site also introduces you what and how to play.

El Niño draw works as a raffle, all the purchased tickets are in two huge drums and the winner is drawn from them.

It is very easy to play. First you choose a five digits number between 00000 - 99999, then select a "full" ticket or a "share" ticket you want to buy. A full ticket costs €249.99, but you can also buy 1/10th of a full ticket (a share ticket, also know as a décimo) for €4.99. Each ticket can be shared by 10, so a potential winning prize will be also shared by 10.

What is the El Niño game?

How to buy and play El Niño online at Lottoland?

1) Go to Lottoland India site and register to open your account

Just access to "Lottoland Asia" ( home page (HP) and if you haven't got your account at Lottoland yet, click on "Register" on the top of the HP to create your account. Once you have created your account, you can play "El Niño" and other games offered by Lottoland.


2) Finding El Niño game page @ Lottoland

Using search function (on the top of HP), just type "e" to find "El Niño" game page.

Finding El Niño

3) How to play El Niño?

There, you can see an e-"El Niño" ticket and on the right hand side, there is a number selector. Firstly, clicking on up or down allow key to select 5 digits which you want. Secondly, choose your ticket share type. There are 7 kinds of shares you can choose such as 1/100, 1/50, 1/20 and so on.
The price of the ticket depends on which share type you choose. Please see the table below for the types of share and the ticket price for the "El Niño" on Jan 6th 2023 offered at Lottoland Asia.

Ticket shareTicket price
1/100 (a ticket is shared by up to 100 people)₹400.00 (€4.99)
1/50 (a ticket is shared by up to 50 people)₹730.00 (€8.99)
1/20 (a ticket is shared by up to 20 people)₹1,620.00 (€19.99)
1/10 (a ticket is shared by up to 10 people)₹2,840.00 (€34.99)
1/5 (a ticket is shared by up to 5 people)₹5,300.00 (€54.99)
1/2 (a ticket is shared by 2 people)₹12,200.00 (€149.99)
1/1 (a full ticket)₹20,300.00 (€249.99)

How to play El Niño?

4) That's all you have to do.
Just cross your fingers and wait for the draw on 6th Jan. 2023!

Payment methods:
Then, finally click on "Quick Buy" button, which brings a pop-up window where you have to select payment method and click on "Complete Transaction" button to confirm your ticket purchase.
You can pay by your Visa, Mater card, Neteller, Skrill or Lipi. You may find more options at the site.

Payment methods



There are 16 prize categories. The table below shows you about how much you could win if you match 1 to 5 numbers and are a full ticket holder. If you buy a shared ticket, each prize is divided by the shared number of people.

Your chance to win the top prize is 1/100,000, which is about 3000 times better than that of Powerball. And there is 1 in 3 chances to win any prize.

The prizes won by the last "El Niño" draw (on 6th Jan. 2022) were shown in the table below.

Prize CategoryMatchPrize values
1st Prize5 digits€ 2,000,000.00
2nd Prize5 digits€ 750,000.00
3rd Prize5 digits€ 250,000.00
Numbers directly before and after the 1st prize5 digits€ 12,000.00
Numbers directly before and after the 2nd prize5 digits€ 6,100.00
6th Prize (correct 4 digit terminations)4 digits€ 3,500.00
7th Prize (correct 3 digit terminations)3 digits€ 1,000.00
First 3 digits same as 1st prize3 digits€ 1,000.00
First 3 digits same as 2nd prize
First 3 digits same as 3rd prize
Last 3 digits same as 1st prize
Last 3 digits same as 2nd prize
13th prizes (correct 2 digit terminations)2 digits€400.00 (₹33,667.22)
Last 2 digits same as 1st prize2 digits€1,000.00 (₹84,168.05)
Last digit same as 1st prize1 digits€200.00 (₹16,833.61)
16th prizes (correct 1 digit terminations)1 digits€200.00 (₹16,833.61)

Comparing Powerball and El Niño

El Niño is a Spanish hot game and takes place only once a year on 6th Jan which is a Spanish national holiday.

Powerball takes place three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening in the US.
This is the most popular lottery game in the world.

Some comparisons are shown in the table below. These two games are very different but both could give you a chance to change your life!

 El NiñoPowerball
Game rulesChoose 5 numbers
between 00000 - 99999
Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69,
and 1 "Power Ball" from 1 to 26.
Price per line₹20,300.00 (€249.99) for a full ticket
There are shared tickets which are cheaper (see the ticket price table).
From $3.95 (₹323)
Jackpot€2 million (around ₹16.4 Crores)
(for 4th Dec. 2022, $13 million)
$1 million (around ₹8.2 Crores)
(for Mon. 7 Nov. 2022 was $1900 million)
[* with the exchange rate on 07 Nov.. 2022]
Overall winning
1 in 31 in 25
Jack pot winning chance1 in about 10,0001 in about 292.2 million
No. of winning combinations9 combinations9 combinations
DrawOnce a year on 6th January.Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 ET


El Niño means "the son of the god" and is a name of Spanish annual lottery game which takes place on the Spanish national holiday, 6th January, in Madrid, Spain. The estimated prize pool for coming draw in 2023 is currently €700 million (about ₹5740 Crores). The jackpot prize is €2 million (around ₹16.4 Crores).

It is simple, easy and safe to play online from India or anywhere in the world! Just access to Lottoland official website using your PC, tablet or smartphone. Playing lottery is enjoying dreams and excitement to win a big prize. This game has very high chance to win the jackpot and also has 1 in 3 chance to win some prize, so you can test your luck in the coming new year.

Lottoland guarantees you to get paid your winnings. It is secure to play without worrying things like loosing your tickets or forgetting to check the winning numbers. The new year may become very very happy and very different year for you with El Niño. Play and pray to El Niño, the son of the god may smile for you amigos!


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