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What is the La Primitiva lottery game?

The La Primitiva lottery is also called "Big One" and run by Spanish government, which is one of the world oldest lottery and the first draw was in the late 1700's. So this lottery has offered a big prize making people's dream come true for over three hundreds years. You have three chances a week to play this game, on every: Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:40 (CET).
It is very simple to play, you only have to choose six numbers out of 49 given numbers on each play thicket. There are two more numbers, called Reintegron and Complementario numbers, but you don't choose these two numbers because they are automatically generated and will appears on your ticket when the draw happens. The Complementario number is the Bonus Ball, which is applied when five main numbers matched. These extra numbers make your chance more to win some draw.

Lotto247 La Primitiva

How to buy and play La Primitiva online at Lotto247?

1) Go to Lotto247 site and register to open your account

Access to "Lotto247" ( HP and scroll down and find "La Primitiva" banner. Click on "Play now" button, which will navigate you to register to give necessary information such as your name, address, phone number, mail address and so on. Once you created your account at "Lotto247", you can play this La Primitiva as well as many other lottery games which Lotto247 offer. Also Lotto247 sometimes makes some special offers, so check it out as well. You have to be over 18 years old to play those lottery games.

Lotto247 site and register

2) Find La Primitiva game banner

On Lotto247 Homepage, there is "play Lottery Online", click on this icon "View All Lotteries". Then scroll down to find "La Primitiva" and click on Play now. You will find an explanation of how to play this game there as well, but you can read this article to grasp the rules.

Find La Primitiva

3) How to play La Primitiva?

Just select your numbers: 6 main numbers out of 49 numbers given on each ticket. That's all you have to do, it is simple. Matching 6 numbers and Reintegro number to win the jack pot prize. There are 7 possible combinations of winning some prizes (see the table below).

You can select your own 6 numbers but also you can use the Lotto247 Quick Pick function, which generates random numbers for you. Reintegro and Complementario numbers are also randomly generated. So there is no stress for you to think about what numbers! Then just click Play Now. Select how many draws you want to play and confirm the purchase.

You can buy one single ticket or, 5, 10 or 20 tickets at once with one click.

Prize Category Match Winning Chances
Jackpot Six (6) numbers + Reintegro 1 in 139,838,160
2nd Prize Six (6) numbers 1 in 13,983,816
3rd Prize Five (5) numbers + Complementario 1 in 2,330,636
4th Prize Five (5) numbers 1 in 55,491
5th Prize Four (4) numbers 1 in 1,032
6th Prize Three (3) numbers 1 in 57
7th Prize Reintegro 1 in 10

How to play La Primitiva?

Payment methods: you can pay by your Visa or Mater card, or AstroPay.
One game only costs $2.50. For other payment methods, see below.

4) That's all you have to do, and cross your fingers and wait for the draw!

Three times a week: every on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:40 (CET).

Payment methods


The minimum jackpots prize is €3 million (approximately US $3 million, the exchange rate on 24 Oct 2022). But it rolles over, for example, the Jackpot for the draw on Monday, 24 October 2022 was estimated $16 million, which should be big enough to make your dreams!
The table below will give you some idea how much you could win if you matches 3 to 6 numbers. And matching the Reintegro mumber you can get €1 for 1 in 10 chances.

Match Prize
Six (6) numbers + Reintegro Jackpot (minimum: $3 million)
(eg. for Mon 24 Oct. 22 Est. Jackpot $16.5millin)
Six (6) numbers Est. €1,313,000
Five (5) numbers + Complementario Est. €63,535
Five (5) numbers Est. €2,540
Four (4) numbers Est. €72
Three (3) numbers €8 (fixed)
Reintegro €1 (fixed)

Comparing Powerball and La Primitiva

La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery game and takes place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:40 (CET). Just select six numbers from 1 to 49, this means the winning chance is higher than Powerball. One ticket costs $2.50 (about ₹206). 1 in 10 winning chance to win some prize, which is better than Powerball. The chance to win the top prize is about twice better than Powerball. So which do you prefer?

Powerball takes place three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening in the US.
Three days a week to play, which is the same as La Primitiva.
You select 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and a PowerBall from 1 to 26. So you have a smaller chance to will the Jackpot than La Primitiva. One draw ticket costs $3.95 (about ₹326), which is a little more expensive than that of La Primitiva. If you select PowerPlay option, your winning chance will become 10 times better!

Both games offer massive jackpot draws and fantastic dreams to you!

  La Primitiva Powerball
Game rules Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49.
One Complementario (bonus No.) & one Reintegro number.
Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69;
and 1 "Power Ball" from 1 to 26.
Price per line From $2.50 (₹206) From $3.95 (₹326)
Jackpot $3 million (around ₹24.6 Crores)
(for Mon. 24 Oct. 2022 was $16 million)
[* with the exchange rate on 22 Oct . 2022]
$1 million (around ₹8.2 Crores)
(for Mon. 24 Oct. 2022 was $610 million)
[* with the exchange rate on 22 Oct. 2022]
Overall winning chance 1 in 10 1 in 25
Jack pot winning chance 1 in about 140 million 1 in about 292.2 million
No. of winning combinations 7 combinations 9 combinations
Draw Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:40 CET Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 ET
Country Spain U.S.A.


La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery and has very long history, which offers you a big Jackpot of the minimum of $3 million, and this can roll over to be over $100 million. You can play this game three times a week if you prefer, on Mondays, Thursdays or Saturdays, which days ever you like.

It is simple, easy and safe to play online from India or anywhere in the world! Just access to Lotto247 official website using your PC, tablet or smartphone. You can enjoy your dream to be a rich man and that can actually come true! One play of La Primitiva lottery game only costs €2.50 (about ₹206) and just pick six numbers, which is very simple. Winning a lucrative the jackpot with a higher probability than that of Powerball and you have 1 in 10 chances to win some prize.

Nothing can stop you to play this exciting lottery game. Your winning ticket is automatically checked for you, and the prize will be credited to your account. Lotto247! also offers online chat help if you have any question. It is secure to play without worrying things like loosing your tickets or forgetting to check the winning numbers. This maybe the lottery completely changing your life, and today maybe your day!


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