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SuperEnalotto is possibly Europe’s biggest lottery you’ve never heard of.
With uncapped jackpots that have reached a record ₹1,763 Crore, no other European lottery can keep up.

Italy’s SuperEnalotto is a unique game that deserves global attention. Today we’ll be telling you all about:

  • The stats behind those SuperEnalotto jackpots
  • Playing SuperEnalotto at LotteryWorld India
  • Why SuperEnalotto is a rival to Powerball

Read the details in each section below and don’t forget to see the conclusion where we summarise the key points for you. SuperEnalotto, here we go!

Details on SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at 23:30 or 24:30 IST depending on the season.

Playing SuperEnalotto at LotteryWorld India costs ₹220 per line for a minimum starting jackpot of ₹11 Crore.

There are only 6 prize tiers in SuperEnalotto, with only one of those tiers requiring the “Jolly” number.

SuperEnalotto playing numbers and prizes

When playing SuperEnalotto you need to pick six numbers between 1 and 90.

The actual draw consists of 7 balls, 6 regular plus the Jolly, but players still only pick 6 numbers. The Jolly number only comes into play if you match 5 out of 6 regular numbers plus the Jolly to take home the second-tier prize.

We’ve tabulated the chances of winning each prize tier plus how much each tier is worth:

Matches (+ Jolly) Prize Odds of Winning
6 + 0 17.4% of prize fund 1 in 622,614,630
5 + 1 13% 1 in 103,769,105
5 + 0 4.2% 1 in 1,250,230
4 + 0 4.2% 1 in 11,907
3 + 0 12.8% 1 in 327
2 + 0 40% 1 in 22

How to play SuperEnalotto at LotteryWorld India

1. Log in to your LotteryWorld India account

Log in

Use the My Account icon in the top right corner of the homepage to log in to your LotteryWorld India account.
Don’t worry if you don’t have an account already, see our How to Register guide for help.

2. Add funds to your account

Add funds

Once you’ve logged in you need to deposit funds into your account before you can make bets.
Do it by tapping on your displayed balance on the homepage or at the checkout later on.
Check out our How to Deposit guide for a full step-by-step.

3. Add four SuperEnalotto Quick Picks

Add four SuperEnalotto Quick Picks

To start betting on SuperEnalotto you have to add 4 Quick Picks, in one of two ways.
The quickest way to do this is by hitting “Tap here to see all Lotteries” on the homepage.
Alternatively, open the side menu using the icon on the top left of the homepage, then hit “View All Lotteries.”

3.1. Add four SuperEnalotto Quick Picks

Add four SuperEnalotto Quick Picks

Now you’re on the All Lotteries page you need to find the SuperEnalotto link and hit “Play Now”.

4. Customise your SuperEnalotto lines

Customise your SuperEnalotto lines

Now you’ve added four Quick Picks lines you have a number of options:

  • Delete any lines by hitting the trash bin icon
  • Add more Quick Picks by hitting “ADD QUICK PICK”
  • Add a line of your own numbers using the lottery ticket icon

5. Manually select a custom line

Manually select a custom line

If you selected the lottery icon you can add individual numbers by tapping them to make a custom line. Just tap any number a second time to remove it from your selection.
There is still the option to add another Quick Pick line by hitting the icon.
Just hit “Done” when you’re happy with your numbers.

6. Decide how many draws you want these lines to stand for

Decide how many draws you want these lines to stand for

You’ve got the option to enter 1, 2, 4 or 8 draws with your chosen lines.
There’s a 10% discount available if you subscribe to 4 weeks’ worth of draws (12 draws).
Just hit “Add To Cart” to lock in your entry.

7. Checkout


Now you’re at the checkout you can purchase your SuperEnalotto lines by hitting “Pay Now”.
Don’t forget to enter your Promotion Code if you have one and fingers crossed!!!

SuperEnalotto vs Powerball

SuperEnalotto is one of Europe’s largest lotteries so let’s take a look at how it compares with the world’s biggest, Powerball.

Here’s a head-to-head of their underlying features:

SuperEnalotto Category Powerball
₹220 Price of Single Line ₹300
3 Number of Draws Per Week 3
1 in 622,614,630 Jackpot Winning Odds 1 in 292,201,338
₹11 Crore Minimum Guaranteed Jackpot ₹300 Crore
₹1,763 Crore Record Jackpot ₹11,800 Crore
€438** Bottom Tier Prize ₹300
1 in 22 Odds of Winning Bottom Tier 1 in 38
1 in 20 Overall Odds of Winning 1 in 25

**Average figure from 2nd January 2002 to date.

Surprisingly, Powerball’s minimum and record jackpots are far larger than those of SuperEnalotto while the odds of winning the jackpot are much better.

It’s in the lower tiers where SuperEnalotto has stronger odds and a bigger prize for its bottom tier.

Combine SuperEnalotto’s lower purchase price with 20% better odds of winning overall and you can see why this lottery is one you don’t want to miss out on!


With SuperEnalotto you can play for Europe’s largest jackpot for the low entry price of ₹220 and good overall odds of winning.

While you only need to choose six numbers, they range from 1 to 90 so the chances of having to share the jackpot with another player are incredibly low.

With 3 draws every week, you can save 10% on 12 entries when you subscribe at LotteryWorld India.


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