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What is the Gullak Gold game?

What is the Gullak Gold game?

Gullak Gold is a popular lottery gamein Brazil and now you can play at Lottoland, Asia. The draw happens everyday, from Monday to Sunday, at 8 pm (IST). It is very simple to play, you only have to select 15 numbers out of 1 to 25. One game is very cheap just costs ₹60 (about $0.73) and one game ticket with a DoubleJackpot feature costs ₹120 at Lottoland.

There is no minimum jackpot, but usually it climbs up to the Crores, which depends on the ticket sales each time. For example, the jackpot for 14th March 2023 was about ₹2.9 Crore (about US$ 352,411) which is a pretty big money to win on one day.

How to buy and play Gullak Gold online at Lottoland?

1) Go to Lottoland India site and register to open your account

Simply access to "Lottoland Asia" ( home page (HP) and if you haven't got your account at Lottoland yet, click on "Register" on the top of the HP to create your account. Once you created your account, you can play "Gullak Gold" and other games offered by Lottoland.

register to open your account

2) Finding Gullak Gold game page @ Lottoland

Using search function (on the top of HP), just type "g" to find "Gullak Gold" game page.


3) How to play Gullak Gold?

You just have to select 15 numbers out of 1 to 25. One game is very cheap just cost ₹60 (about $0.73) at Lottoland. So you can buy multiple tickets at once. For example 12 games cost only ₹720 (about $8.75, exchange rate on 15 March 2023).

Selecting 15 numbers is too much? You can click on "1 Quick" to let the computer mark your 15 numbers, and if you click on "1 Quick" 5 times, 5 tickets will be marked at once.

How to play Gullak Gold?

4) That's all you have to do.

Then just cross your fingers and wait for the drawing time everyday.

Payment methods:
Then, finally click on "Quick Buy" button, which brings a pop-up window where you have to select payment method and click on "Complete Transaction" button to confirm your ticket purchase.
You can pay by your Visa, Mater card, Neteller, Skrill or Lipi. You may find more options at the site.

Payment methods


There are 5 prize categories. The table below shows you about how much you could win if you match 11 or more numbers.

Please not that prizes listed in the table are approximate.

Prize CategoryMatchWinning chancePrize values
(eg.for 14 Mar2023)
1st Prize15 digits1 in 3,268,760 ₹28,999,617.74
2nd Prize14 digits1 in 21792₹32,343.41
3rd Prize13 digits1 in 692₹394.06
4th Prize12 digits1 in 160₹157.62
5th Prize11 digits1 in 12₹78.81

Comparing Powerball and Gullak Gold

Gullak Gold is a popular Brazilian Lottery game and you can play everyday, from Monday to Sunday. One game is very cheap just cost ₹60 (about $0.73) at Lottoland. Each draw is for set prize tiers with the jackpot starting at ₹2 Crores (about €245,000).

Powerball: You can play three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, the draw takes place in the eveningson those days in the US. This imaybe the most popular lottery game in the world. You can win a lot bigger money than playing Gullak Gold, but the ticket price ($3.69 (₹300)) is 5 times more expensive and winning chance is a lot smaller than those of Gullak Gold.

Some comparisons are shown in the table below. These two games are very different but both could give you a lot of fun and attractive prizes!

 Gullak GoldPowerball
Game rulesChoose 15 numbers
between 1 - 25
Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69,
and 1 "Power Ball" from 1 to 26.
Price per lineFrom ₹60 (about $0.73)From ₹300 (about $3.64)
JackpotStart at ₹2 Crores (about €245,000)
A record jackpot was ₹130 Crores!
$1 million (around ₹8.2 Crores)
(for Wed. 22 Feb. 2023 was ₹2,395.5 Crores)
Overall winning
1 in 121 in 25
Jack pot winning chance1 in about 3.3 million1 in about 292.2 million
No. of winning combinations5 combinations9 combinations
DrawEveryday, 7 days a weekMonday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:59 ET


Gullak Gold is a popular Brazilian Lottery game and you can play this game everyday, 7 days a week, the draw takes place at 8 pm (IST). The cost of one game is only ₹60 (about $0.73) and one game ticket with a DoubleJackpot feature costs ₹120 at Lottoland. Since the ticket is very cheap you can play a number of games to increase the winning chance. Winning chances hare pretty higher than those of many major lotteries.

It is simple, very easy and safe to play online from India or anywhere in the world! Just access to Lottoland official website using your PC, tablet or smartphone. Playing lottery is fun, enjoyable, and very exciting to win a big prize. This game can offer you these fun everyday, 7 days a week if you wish.

Lottoland guarantees you to get paid your winnings. It is secure to play without worrying things like loosing your tickets or forgetting to check the winning numbers. Playing Gullak Gold everyday to maximize your winning chance of a big money!


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