How to Register “Jackpot.com”


How to Register Jackpot.com

Excited to join us now? Just follow these easy steps on how to register on “Jackpot.com”. It will only take you less than 5 minutes!

1.How to Register “Jackpot.com”

First, let's check the simple flow when registering with Jackpot.com”

  • Access Jackpot.com
  • Enter information in the registration form
  • Deposit money or Choose your lottery

Registering for Jackpot.com is very easy as you only need to fill in the required information such as your email address and name in the form.

I think it will be over in 5 minutes.

(1)Access to Jackpot.com

Go to the official website of Jackpot.com

Access to Jackpot.com

To begin registration, you’ll want to click on the shopping cart at the top right corner.

(2)Click Sign up

To begin registration, you’ll want to click sign up.

(3)Put your Info (1st Part)

When the registration form is displayed, enter the following information.

  • First name / Surname
  • E-mail address
    Enter an email address that is associated with your facebook account.
  • Password
    The password should be between 8 and 15 characters, and should contain at least one letter and one number

Put your Info (1st Part)

After this, you’ll want to click on the checkbox where it says, “I understand…, etc.” And, click “Submit and Continue”.

(4)Put your Info (2nd part)

When the registration form is displayed, enter this information. Please note that if your IP Address is recognized by the website, some of the information like City, Country, Zip Code, and even country code, neatly, automatically populates. Less work for you!

  • Address
    It will ask for your street address, City, Country/State, and zip code.
  • Phone Number
    It will ask for your country code (usually begins with a ‘+’ sign) and your 9-digit phone number.
  • Birthday
    There’s a drop-down button for Day, Month, and Year of your birth.

Put your Info (2nd part)

Click finish registration

(5)Deposit Money or Choose the Lottery - all up to you!

This is the part where it asks you to deposit money to your account. And, after you click that option, you’ll be routed to a website asking for payment details.

Deposit Money or Choose the Lottery

Alternatively, you can click on “or choose your lottery first” and you’ll have the liberty to check on which lotteries you want to place bets on and pay after you decide.

2.Important Things Before Registration

It's good to note the level of risk you're taking when registering to Jackpot. The next few key points will summarize your risk, so you can make a calculated decision on whether you're okay with this or not.

(1)Regulated by Malta Gaming Authority

Jackpot.com is regulated by the MGA, or the Malta Gaming Authority, which is a national organization that regulates most forms of gambling in its territory, including both land-based (casino, amusement and slot machines, betting offices, fantasy sports, and lotteries) and online gambling services including B2C and B2B services.

(2)Marketing Email/Messages.

By registering to Jackpot.com, you will receive targeted marketing messages.You have the option to discontinue this feature by going to your "My Account" or by clicking on "unsubscribe" which will be available usually at the bottom of each marketing email.

(3)Data Privacy & T&C

By registering to Jackpot.com, you will have to agree to their Privacy Policy and T&Cs. This means your data will be shared across any company within the LottoMatrix Group for several reasons.If you wish to have this discontinued, you can send them an email to restrict processing at dpo@jackpot.com. Otherwise, your data will continue to be protected with their security measures, and technical measures.


Overall, the process of registering to jackpot.com is easy and convenient. It only takes a few clicks and viola! With high-level security measures in place to protect your data, and the option to opt-out on things you might not be comfortable with. It is, by far, one of the easiest companies to deal with. Registering to Jackpot.com is almost like betting on a winning ticket, and your path to winning starts with that first click.

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