How to Register In “Lotto 247”


How to Register In “Lotto 247”

So, you finally decided to take your first bet with lotto 247. And, if you’re checking this article, you’re probably wondering how to go about doing just that, or want to make sure you’re doing the right course of action for your bet.

You’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk about how to register, and the safety of partnering with lotto 247.



To begin, you’ll want to pull up a browser and go to


At the top, you’ll see ‘REGISTER’ or ‘LOG IN’. Click or tap on ‘REGISTER’.



A form will appear on your screen and all you really need to do is input the following information.

Put your Info 1

  1. Title
    There’s a drop-down button that allows you choose between:
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Date of Birth
    Tap on the field to pull up a calendar
    -At the top right corner of that window is a drop-down button where you can manually choose a year.
    -After choosing a year, you’ll be asked to choose the month.
    -And, the actual date.
  5. Put your Info 2

    (Scroll down and enter the following)

  6. Address
  7. City/Town
  8. Zip/Postal code
  9. Country of Residence
  10. -Depending on whether, or not, the system recognizes your IP address, this part will auto-populate.
    -Otherwise, or if it’s wrong, then you can tap on the drop-down button to choose the country you belong to.

  11. Mobile number
  12. -The country code part will auto-populate based off of the country you chose on the previous field.
    -All you have to do is enter your 9-digit phone number.

  13. Email
  14. Password
  15. -Must have at least 8 characters, maximum of 30 characters
    -Must have at least 1 number (e.g. 0-9)
    -Must have at least 1 in Capital Case (e.g. ABC)
    -Must have at least 1 letter in smaller case (e.g. abc)
    -Must have at least 1 Special Character (e.g. @#$%^)
    -The Password can’t be the email address!

    Put your Info 3

  16. Tap on the checkbox that says - “I want to receive material from Lotto247” (optional)
  17. Tap on the checkbox that says - “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions”
  18. -If you want, you may tap on the green “Terms And Conditions” just to read through it.


Tap “Create Account” and viola! You are officially a Lotto247 player.

Is Lotto247 Safe?

The short answer is - “Of course, it is!”

1)Privacy Policy

Lotto 247 is committed to protecting your information and your privacy by a number of human and information security protocols that is applied strictly to all accounts in lotto 247.


Lotto247 is a licenced platform operating under License no. 8048/JAZ authorised and regulated by the Central Government of Curacao. Additionally, they use advanced SSL encryption and SRC Private Security, ensuring your website is safe and secure, guaranteeing your personal information is protected.

3)Customer Service

Lotto 247’s customer support team is highly trained, professional and motivated to help you with anything to make sure your experience with lotto247 is top notch.

In addition to live chat and email, they also have a ‘call me back’ feature. This enables you to leave your phone number, and request one of our Lotto247 customer support staff to call you back.

They also offer support through their FAQ page that answers all common questions. For questions not answered in the FAQ section, you can always contact one of their friendly customer support agents via live chat, email, or call-me-back option.


Lotto247 has made it very easy for you to take that first step in possibly betting on winning tickets and tremendously changing your life while protecting your data, your gaming experience, and overall, you, as their player.

As they say, out of all things, all beginnings are hard. So, it makes sense that you start with a reputable, trustworthy partner who is committed to making things easy for you. So that you can focus on gaming.

I really think you’re in the right hands here. Win or lose, you are a winner by partnering with lotto247. Wanna bet?

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