How to Deposit with LotteryWorld


How to Deposit with LotteryWorld

In this article we show you how to make a deposit into your LotteryWorld account, with a couple of useful hints and tips to help save you time. It’s quick and easy with 3 payment methods available to you:

  1. Net Banking
  2. Credit Card
  3. Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

What is a deposit?

At LotteryWorld you need to deposit money into your account before you can make any bets.
All money you deposit will go into your Balance, which you then use as a virtual wallet on LotteryWorld.
You cannot pay for anything on LotteryWorld by Credit Card or PayPal etc at the checkout, so make sure you deposit enough money into your Balance for all games you want to play.

How do I make a deposit?

Use our handy step-by-step guide below to make deposits into your LotteryWorld account and get playing straight away!

How to Deposit


From your My Account page, click the “Deposit” button

 click the “Deposit” button


Choose from the three options: Net Banking, Credit Card and UPI

Choose from the three options


For all three options you can choose to deposit one of the suggested amounts, or enter your own amount and click “Done”

choose to deposit one of the suggested amounts


Once you have chosen how much you want to deposit, click “Continue”

click Continue

For Net Banking

For Net Banking, you will be taken to this screen. Scroll down to continue or change the language in the top right-hand corner

You can choose from the Popular Banks listed or use the All Banks drop-down menu to select any other bank. Press “Done” to choose your bank and “Pay” to be taken to your bank’s website to complete the transaction.

select bank

click pay

For Credit Card

Next, we will look at Credit Card deposits.

credit card

Clicking the “Continue” button takes you to this screen. Fill in your card information as indicated and click “Confirm payment” to complete the transaction.


Finally, we will look at how to deposit via UPI.


NB This didn’t work for me on the mobile version of LotteryWorld, so the next pages are taken from the PC version.

Clicking “Continue” takes you to this page, where you can pay via Net Banking, as above. Click on the “UPI” button to deposit using UPI.

Click on the UPI button

Enter you Payer Virtual Address in the box indicated and click “Pay Now” to continue.

NB You may need to approve a payment request from your chosen UPI application to complete the transaction.

click Pay Now

Once your deposit has appeared in your Balance you are free to spend it on whatever you like. Happy playing!

Hints and Tips

A.Each deposit method has a minimum and maximum amount allowed:

Minimum / ₹ Maximum / ₹
Net Banking 200 9,000
Credit Card 250 9,000
UPI 40 9,000

B. Even though the Credit Card deposit option displays the Mastercard logo, Visa is also currently support

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