Jackpot.com: How to Deposit Your Account


How to Deposit Your Account

Depositing your account is super easy. It only takes a few clicks and you're there. But, I figured you might have some questions regarding it. That being said, I took the liberty to scrounge up all the information and put everything I can find about funding your account with jackpot.com in this article. Don’t worry because in no time, you will be playing at the comfort of your home to one of the best lottery online and in India!

Depositing money on “Jackpot.com”

Before you use Jackpot.com, you have to deposit some money on Jackpot.com. Here is How to deposit money, so please check and try to deposit first.

1) Login to your account.

Jackpot.com login

2) Tap on the "account icon" at the top right next to where you can see the total funds your account has and of course the shopping cart icon.

Tap on the account icon

3) Tap on "Deposit".

Tap on Deposit

4) You can either:
a) choose to top-up €10, €20, €50.
b) input any desired


5) Here you can choose the method of payment to use:



Payments through card will involve putting in the card card information such as:

  • Card Number
  • Name on the card
  • Expiration Date
  • CVV

NOTE: There's an option for you to change the amount and the currency should you choose.

Once done, Tap "Pay Now". And, that's it! Account, funded! Congratulations.



Payments through paypal will involve logging into your paypal account.

If you don't have one, you'll have to create an account and set it up.

Then you have to choose between paying using the card/bank account associated with paypal, or with a paypal wallet.

At that point, you practically just have to complete the process - tap, tap. And, you're done!



Payments through skrill will involve logging in to your skrill.
If you don't have an account yet, you'll have to create one and set it up prior.
After logging in, you practically only have to complete the process in a few taps.



Payments through neteller will require your email address associated with your neteller account. Tap "Pay Now".
You'll have to login to your neteller account to complete the process.



You'll need to put in the phone number associated with MuchBetter, tap "Pay Now."
After that, you'll have to log into your MuchBetter App and click ‘Send Money’ to confirm your Deposit.

Fast Bank Transfer

Fast Bank Transfer

For Fast Bank Transfer Payments, all you have to do is tap "Pay Now".
A pop-up box would appear and from there you'll see:

Payment Reference #:
Available Banks

In my case, only Barclays Bank was available for different currencies like GBP, EUR, MXN, and NZD.

Choose the bank you wish to go with assuming you have an account with them.
Tap "Done."

6) Different payment methods will go through a different process. Complete the process and viola! Your account is property funded! You're ready to choose a lottery and win!


If you use “Jackpot.com”, some problems might appear. Here are some common problems so please check them in advance.

1) When the payment method is refused

The answer should be available with the pop-up error message you received when the payment fails. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

You can also contact their customer service via Live Chat, by phone, or email for further assistance.

For LiveChat - tap "(?) Support" at the lower left corner of the page. They are available between 11:00 CET and 23:00 CET.
To Call Customer Experience Team - +441515414507. You can reach them at any time between 11:00 CET and 22:00 CET.
To email Customer Experience Team - send it to support@jackpot.com. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

2) Deposit Limit

This feature allows you to place a cap on how much you want to put in on a monthly basis. If you're doing this on a budget, or you simply want to allocate your funds, this will allow you to control your spending and how much you're putting in.

To set your Deposit Limit, visit the Responsible Gambling section of your account.

  1. Go to “My Account” section
  2. Tap “Account > Account Details” tab.
  3. Tap “Deposit Limit” section.
  4. In the "new limit" section, input the desired deposit limit amount you want.
  5. You can also choose if you want your Deposit Limit to be applied per “Day”, “Weekly” or “Monthly”.
  6. Tap "Save", and you're set!

3) Deposit Processing Time

Usually, the deposits are processed instantly and should show up on your account almost as soon as you tap "pay now".

In some unusual cases, the deposit might take up to 24 hours to process.

All notifications about deposits and whether it was successful, or not, are done via email. Sometimes, the emails are automatically sent to the Trash/Junk Mail Folder, if you feel you haven't received anything, that's a place you might find it. For really unusual circumstances, you may receive their customer experience team via live chat, by phone, or by email.

4) Deposit Is Not Showing Up On the Account after Processing

This is unfortunate and weird. But, when it does happen, know that all you have to do is send them proof of the transaction, from the payment method provider, to support@jackpot.com.

They say they'll be able to track the transaction after the email is received and identify the error. I would advise you to call them after you send the email. I feel like the process will be a lot faster that way.


Funding your account in Jackpot.com is easy and straightforward as it is. You'll be glad to know that when situations that require their immediate attention happen, they are there to help. They also help you manage your limits so you don't overspend on their platform.

To me, it feels like there's a certain hint of care that is embedded in their systems and processes. And, that is something that is rare for a lotto betting company like jackpot.com.

Overall, it looks like it's going to be a good move to partner with them. They are transparent. They care. They have an easy process. And, you're supported all the way through. What's the worst thing that can happen here? Be the first millionaire in Jackpot.com from India!

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