How To Play “Lotto247”? Choose Your Desirable Numbers!


How to play lotto247

It really takes one winning ticket to completely change your life - this article will give you an overall walkthrough on how to possibly do just that. To play here in Lotto247, everything will be seamless; hassle-free and convenient even a click away using your computer or smartphone. India, get ready and join one of the leading online lotteries in the world!

What is Lotto247?

Lotto247 is a lotto betting online platform that puts 15 of the biggest international lotteries together in one platform.

How unique is Lotto247?

  1. Power Ball Plus
  2. It has 15 of the biggest lotteries with the largest jackpot to take - like Mega Millions, Euromillions, and Mega-Sena.
  3. Winners get paid directly by lotto247.
  4. Dedicated customer support with live chat, email, and "call me back" feature.

More details of Lotto247

Lotto247 is listed under and founded by Lucky Enterprises B.V., in 2017. They are operating, authorized, and regulated by the Central Government of Curacao. They use advanced SSL encryption and have SRC Private Security ensuring their website safety and security - guaranteeing all personal information in their system are properly handled and are protected.

How to Play Lotto247

In this part, to play Lotto247, the following info is shown.

  1. How to Register Lotto247
  2. How to Deposit Money to Lotto247
  3. How to Play Lotto247

How to Register Lotto247


To start, you will want to open a browser and log on to -


Right at the top, you should see ‘REGISTER’ or ‘SIGN IN’. Tap on ‘REGISTER’.



A form will load up on your screen and what you really need to do is type basic information like name, address, phone number, etc.


A) Click the checkbox where you see - “I want to receive material from Lotto247” (optional)
B) Click the checkbox where you see - “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions”

NOTE: If you want, you may tap on the green “Terms and Conditions” just to read through it.


Click “Create Account” and your lotto247 is created successfully!

How to Deposit Money to Lotto247

To fund your account, you'll only need to:


Log in to your lotto247 account.


Click the orange "Deposit €"


Choose your payment method and the desired amount you wish to top-up on your account. Here's the payment method available and the required information to process a top-up successfully:


1) Visa/Mastercard:
└A) Card Number
└B) Name on the Card
└C) Expiration Date

2) Skrill:
A page will pop-up. Enter the required information to process the payment successfully.

3) Astropay:
A page will pop-up. Enter the required information to process the payment successfully.

4) PerfectMoney:
A page will pop-up where you'll need to login to perfectmoney, fill out a payment form, and viola! You're done!

5) MuchBetter
Enter the phone number associated with MuchBetter.

6) Crypto:
└A) Bitcoin
└B) Bitcoin Cash
└C) Litecoin
└D) Etherium

Assuming you know what you're doing, send the corresponding amount to the wallet address that will show up as soon as you choose any of these options.

How to Play Lotto247

There are two ways to play online lotto247:
・Quick Pick Method
・Pick Your Own Numbers.

Quick Pick Method

If you don't have a set of numbers that you're betting and want to go random, this is the best route.

1) Choose the lottery you want to bet on.

Quick Pick1

2) Decide on how many quick picks you desire.

Quick Pick2

3) Pick how many numbers you wish to play

4) Add tickets to cart and checkout to complete the transaction.

Pick Your Own Numbers

Picking your own numbers? Here's how.

1) Choose the lotter you want to place a bet on.

2) Manually choose your lucky numbers.

Pick number1

3) Select how many draws you wish to play.

Pick number2

4) Add tickets to cart and checkout to complete the transaction.

Useful Info about Lotto247

There is some important info you should know before using.

All deposits are converted to Euros

Lotto 247 is based in Europe. They use Euros in their business; hence, all your deposits are then converted into Euros as soon as it hits your account. Adding other currencies is still in the works.

What methods can user use when they deposit money

All registered accounts can top-up their account using any of the following:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Astropay
  • PerfectMoney
  • MuchBetter
  • Cryptocurrencies - like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Etherium.

Is this lottery legit?

Well, it's not the traditional lottery and if you ask me, traditional lottery has its own positives and negatives.

Lotto247 is a lotto-betting website that has produced winners in the past and is known to pay their winners. You may refer to this article where a lotto247 became a mega sena winner:

Or this article where a retired health inspector won mega millions max:

All winnings with lotto247 are guaranteed. Small and medium winnings usually take less than 2 weeks to be received. And, it will take approximately 4 weeks for jackpots to be transferred due to the vetting process.

Lotto247 has produced winners. And, all winners are paid!

About User Supports

Need help? Here's how to get help:

1) FAQ

Let's face it. Reaching customer service for support isn't the best thing in the world - that's why all answers to common questions, from account set up to getting paid, are available here:

2) Customer Service

If we really have to reach customer service, their high trained customer service team can be reached via:

a) Email
To initiate - go to fill out the form, and allow 24 hours for a reply.

b) Chat
There's a bubble at the bottom right corner of the website that says, "Questions? Chat to us!"

c) Call Me Back
This enables lotto247 players, like yourself, to leave a phone number and request one of their dedicated customer-service professionals to reach you.

Other useful info

Lotto247 is a legal entity that offers services to many countries worldwide, including India.

Lotto247 is one of the online betting platforms that have winners’ everyday!

Having officially established in 2017, lotto247 has now been in operation for almost 4 years and counting.

There's a welcome offer available for you to get when you buy one or more entries on any of the lotteries in the 1st 12 days from completing your registration.


Lotto247 is one of the biggest online betting platforms in the world. And now in India, you can join this sophisticated online gambling company and all you need is an internet connection and your smartphone or computer. Plus, you can be assured that your money is safe. It’s always one step away to win millions of dollars and all you need to do is just join. Right?


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