How To Play “Jackpot.com”? 2 Ways To Place Your Bet!

How To Play “Jackpot.com”?

You got your account set up and funded. You're ready to take the next step. This article will point you “How To Play Jackpot.com”. All you need right now is this article so you can get on the online lottery easy and fast. You can rest easy to place your bets now. Here it is.


Ready to make yourself wealthy overnight? Jackpot.com can help you with that!

Jackpot.com is a lotto betting online platform. This means you are betting on the outcome of the lottery and are not placing your bet directly to the lottery itself.

The difference is minimal. Once you guess the correct number combinations, you get the same jackpot as someone who won directly from the lottery you placed your bet within the jackpot.com platform.

On top of that, they have an easy-to-use system in a user-friendly platform.
As you know, winning the lottery is a numbers game. Lottery outcomes are random.

My mentor once told me, when faced with chaos, the best course of action is to stay as consistent as possible, and recalibrate after the fact. Or, copy the system (chaos) and be the chaos yourself.

Jackpot.com allows you to choose how you want to play. You can bet on your set of numbers for a number of draws you desire - thus, maximizing your winning potential. Or, you can let the system choose random numbers for you - a system generated quick pick.

All up to you.

How To Play “Jackpot.com”

There are 2 ways to place your bet with the jackpot.com platform:
a) Conventional Way
b) Quick Pick Option

How To Use Conventional Way

For a lot of people who place bets on the lottery, they have a very specific set of numbers that they place their bets on consistently. If you're one of those people, here's the route you are to take:

1) Log in to your jackpot.com account.

a.) Go to jackpot.com

b.) Click Account
c.) Enter Email and Password
d.) Click Sign In

Log in to your jackpot.com account

2) Make sure your account is funded.

You'll see how much you have available or whether, or not, your account is funded at the top right corner in between the shopping cart icon and your first name with your last name initial.

a) If your account has enough balance, proceed to the next step.
b) If your account has 0 or has inadequate balance available, just make a deposit.

3) Pick A Lottery

There are approximately 34 lotteries to choose from. Jackpot amount ranges from €500 - €200 Million.

The top 3 lottery picks, with very high jackpot amounts, are:

a) Powerball
As of this writing, the current jackpot amounts to €200 Million. The odds of winning the jackpot is one in 292,201,338. However, if you guessed the powerball correctly, which is very likely to happen - 1 in 38 to be exact, you're a winner.
You'll need to pick 5 numbers from 1to 69, and 1 powerball from 1 to 26.

b) Mega Millions
As of this writing, the current jackpot for Mega Millions amounts to €191 Million. The odds of winning the jackpot is one in 302,575,350. However, if you picked the "bonus number" correctly, you're a winner with a fair odds at 1:37.
You'll need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 70; and 1 bonus number from 1 to 25.

c) Euro Millions
As of this writing, the current jackpot Euromillions amounts to €110 Million. The odds to win the jackpot is one in 139,838,160. Guess the 2 "Lucky Stars" correctly, and you're a winner. You'll start to win any prize in a 1 is to 13 ratio.
You'll have to select 5 numbers from 1 to 50; and 2 "Lucky Stars" from 1 to 12.

Once you picked a lottery to place a bet on, click Play.

4) Complete Your Order

Depending on the number of list of lotto combinations you drafted for yourself, you can pick on how many tickets or draws you're looking to place a bet on. You can take the conservative route and pick one ticket or draw, or go all-out. The maximum ticket or draws you can place bets on is 8 per order.


There's also an option to subscribe to the lottery. They have 3 packages - Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. If you don't want the burden of having to keep logging into the website and place your bet, this is the best route for you. Plus, if you're new, you can get as much as a 20% discount just by going this route.


How To Use Quick Pick

Don't have any number combination in mind, no problem. You can have the system randomly pick for you. You'll see a button that says "quick pick" right above "how many draws". You will have to click that button with respect to the number of tickets or draws you wish to purchase.

Quick Pick

i) Once a ticket is ready, you should see "completed" with an orange check icon beside it. The system will allow you to check out even if you haven't placed a number combination on all tickets. For your benefit, if you're purchasing more than 1 draw, be sure all tickets are filled out.


ii) Right after you see "QUICK PICK", you should see something that says - "CLEAR". Click on this button and it will clear the most recent ticket you're filing out.

iii) You can hover your mouse point on the ticket, and choose the number combinations manually, click quick pick (it's an orange button), or click the garbage can icon to reset/clear.


iv) Click Add to Cart.


5) Review Your Order

Make sure that you picked the right number, the desired number of tickets, and that you are absolutely okay with:

  • a) The details of the order - in whole, or in part.
  • b) The total amount that it will charge
  • c) The number of tickets/draws
  • d) The numbers combinations you're placing your bets on. You can skip this part if you've chosen to go with the quick pick option - because those are randomly picked by the system, hence we are more likely to have no written or typed down list to compare it with. However, you can choose to write down the number combinations that you placed your bet on, to a notebook or peice of paper for reference.
  • e) If you have an extra €1.50, you can place the same number combinations on €1,000,000 Jackpot Millions. Click the checkbox that says "Add me! ..." in red font color, if you want it added.
  • Review Your Order

  • f) Click Pay Now
  • Click Pay Now

6) Complete

Complete the payment process, and viola! You have successfully placed a bet using jackpot.com.


There are a lot of ways to win your way into millions here on Jackpot.com. With 34 lotteries to choose from, playing to win could not be any better. Are you looking for a comfortable and easy way to play the lottery in India? Then good news because Jackpot.com is here for you, just a visit to www.Jackpot.com on your phone or laptop and you’re on one of the world’s best online betting platforms.


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