POWERBALL: One of the BEST in Lotto247

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Powerball is simply one of the best lotteries to place your bets on. This article will tell you exactly why.


There are, what? Approximately 17 lotteries to choose from with Lotto247. To many people, like myself, that's a heck of a lot to choose from. And, if you're smart, you will want to skip the ones that are not as great as the others - especially not as great as POWERBALL.

Let me show you exactly what Powerball is about and how the positives align in your favor - but, first? What's Powerball?

The Powerball refers to a red ball that draws on a different drum. It ranges from 1 to 26.

What's so great about that? Well, the probability of winning, of course. You can get all other balls wrong but if you get this one red ball right, you're a winner! Tadah!

Attractiveness of Powerball

Do you want to know the attractiveness of Powerball? Here are the details!

1) Better odds at winning.

You will want to play a game that you're likely to win but is not too easy to do so - that's Powerball in a nutshell.

Here, let me give you a visual:
To win any prize with other lotteries, your odds of winning would be 1 out of 89 at best.
With Powerball, it's 1 out 38.
That almost has twice as many winning chances!

2) Jackpot Rollovers

It means that the jackpot will just keep on growing and growing until someone hits it. What's in it for you? Bigger jackpot over time.
Right now, the ongoing jackpot prize is set at $332M. If no one hits that, then it gets added on top of the jackpot for the next draw - and on and on it goes.
Who wins this crazy jackpot? Usually, the ones who place their bets.

3) Pay-out Options

How do you want to get paid? It's all up to you.
Lotto247 has options for you: 1) Lump-sum pay-out option, and 2) Annuity pay-out option.
A lump-sum payout means you get to have the full amount when you want to have it. Of course, for larger pay-outs, especially with jackpots, please allow 30 days to process. However, once it's made available, you'll have it, no questions asked.
Annuity pay-out means you'll get a portion of your winnings immediately, then get paid yearly with a 4% increase - if you ask me, that's a way better percentage than most forex traders get.

Powerball rules and winning probability

Winning the jackpot is generally simple - have a ticket that matches all the numbers from the draw. But to be a winner, you only need to match the Powerball.
You match the Powerball, and you win - even if you don't match the other 5. Let me give you a picture.

Five (5) numbers + PowerballJackpot
Five (5) numbersUS $1 million
Four (4) numbers + PowerballUS $50,000
Four (4) numbersUS $100
Three (3) numbers + PowerballUS $100
Three (3) numbersUS $7
Two (2) numbers + PowerballUS $7
One (1) number + PowerballUS $4
Zero (0) numbers + PowerballUS $4

Purchase procedure

It's easy to purchase a ticket for Powerball.

1) You log in to their online platform.

lotto247 login

2) Once you're logged in, you'll see the 1st thing right under "PLAY LOTTERY ONLINE", that's Powerball. Tap that.


3) Here you get to decide what you do - dice or pick your own:
a) dice if you want the system to pick random combinations for you.
b) pick your own means to pick your own - it's self-explanatory.

4) Once done, a new page will appear. Make sure you have the right number combination before you tap - "PURCHASE NOW"


5) And as long as you have enough funds, your entry will be added to the draw.

entry will be added to the draw

Comparison of Powerball and EuroMillions

To further make a statement, I would compare Powerball and EuroMillions. Their differences, and their similarities, and briefly show you just how awesome Powerball really is.


LocationUnited StatesEurope
How to PlayPick a 5-number combination from a pool of numbers, from 1 to 69. Plus, 1 "Powerball" from 1 to 26.Pick a 5-number combination from a pool of numbers, from1 to 50. Plus, 2 "lucky stars" from 1 to 12.
DrawsMondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays @ 22:59 CETTuesdays and Fridays @ 20:55 CET
Chances of winning any prize1 in 381 in 188
Chances of winning the jackpot1 in 292,201,3381 in 139,838,160
Pay-out Options21
Number of Prize Tiers913

As you can see from above, with the exception of the odds of winning the jackpot, all factors point out, 9 out of 10, that Powerball is the best way to go.

(1)Number of Draws

The number of draws usually means the number of chances you can go at it. The more chances you have, naturally and potentially the higher your chances of winning. With PowerBall, you’ll have more chances of potentially winning every week.

(2)Chances of winning any prize

What does it take to be a winner? Take your chances, and take better chances. The higher your chances of winning, the better the game will treat you over the long term. And, while Powerball does have a steep slope to climb to hit that golden jackpot, it does have a significantly higher chance of winning any prize. That being said, you might not get the jackpot after a serious number of tries, but having small wins over time will if not add up to your longevity in the game, then add more to your winnings which, if managed well, can turn into a small fortune.

(3)Payout Options

If you’re like me, I’d rather not get a huge upset on my bank account if, say, I win a lottery. It would ring too many bells and there's a good chance for us to get into trouble with the authorities. You wouldn’t want that. Where am I getting with this? The pay-out options, of course!

Both Powerball and Euromillions offer a one-time lump-sum payout, which is great ~ if you’re looking towards improving your life with a blast and enjoy your earnings. You deserve it and more power to you.

However, if you’re playing it over the long term, then Powerball provides yet another option for you to extend your winnings to annual payments that can extend the life of your winnings up to 30 years with a 4% increase year-over-year. You’ll be set up for life - even when you live in California or India!


Now, now. Nothing is ever perfect in this imperfect lump of earth nonchalantly floating in a semi-oval path around a giant orb - that is universally true, and so it is for lotteries.

But after going through details after details, I conclude that the changes in probability have little to do with actually winning the lottery.

If there’s one sure way to win that would potentially make anyone win the lottery, it will probably be making sure that there is a bet in place. Without bets, there are no winnings. So bet! Who knows what kind of prize you get on the next draw!

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