Lotto247 Winners In India! What is the "Mega Millions Max"

Lotto247 Winners In India

In this article, I will share a story of someone from India who won millions and changed his life; and, all about Mega Millions Max - which was the vessel of his winning ticket to victory!

Lotto247 Winners In India! He is the luckiest man in India!

Lotto247 Winners

Imagine what happens when you score a huge win in lotto. What would you do with the money?

That's exactly what happened to Lingaraju from Bengaluru, India.

After betting the lottery for 6 months, Lingaraju at the age of 68 years old won a massive amount of €440 620.81 with his number combination for Mega Millions Max. The funny thing is he didn't even think he'd win. He placed a bet and almost didn't check his earnings on time. In fact, he was late in checking the results. It was the email notification that heralded his one-time big hit on the Mega Millions Max.

Now he gets to change his life directly and the life of the people around him. Now his plans of getting him and his family, and quite possibly a few other family members thrice removed, out from every sticky situation, including poverty. For his daughters, he plans to pay off their mortgage. He will save some for himself but you can see - clearly at 68 years of age, he’s set up for the rest of his life, and so do the other people around him.

What is Lotto247?

If you're new here, your first question would possibly go along the lines of - "what's Lotto247 anyway?" A good question is always the best place to start.

Now - about lotto247. Lotto247 is an online lotto betting platform. Here all of the biggest and well known lotteries have been gathered together for your convenience. Nope, you're not betting on the lotteries directly per se. But, you still get the same results - you choose the right number combinations, you win the jackpot! Plain and easy. It's regulated, safe, and guaranteed - the only problem you'll ever have is that you did not bet more.

Of course, please see their FAQ page if you have any questions about all the specifics even though the previous sentences paint an accurate picture. This is simply the best place you could ever place a betting ticket for your favorite lottery.

What is the "Mega Millions Max" of Lotto247?

Mega Millions Max

Time to talk about Mega Millions Max. The dynamics and winning probabilities are pretty much the same with Mega Millions, a different lottery. The only difference is - you get to win more, by default. With Mega Millions, the jackpot starts with $2M and it rolls over, and over, until someone hits the jackpot. On the contrary, Mega Millions Max's minimum jackpot is $145M and rolls over 9 more times until someone wins the jackpot. This means one thing - you'll win higher with pretty the same dynamics and winning probabilities.

Mega Millions Max: Trivia

  • A US-based Lottery and very popular in over 44 states.
  • A lottery that is largely based on the Mega Millions Lottery, but with almost 100X the minimum jackpot.
  • Taken from a different drum, the mega ball, or also called the “golden ball” goes only up to 25 and its purpose is to increase the jackpot - if say, no one takes the jackpot home.
  • Draws are always held on Tuesdays and Fridays, 11pm (23:00) ET.

Mega Millions Max: The Dynamics

The Jackpot

While most lotteries like Mega Millions, a sister counterpart of Mega Millions Max, put their minimum jackpot price at 2M, more or less, Mega Millions Max has its starting jackpot price at not $1M, not $2M, but $145M. The best part is that it rolls over up to nine 9 times - that’s $1.3B.

By default, Mega Millions Max quite possibly is the lottery that has the highest minimum jackpot you’re bound to win, especially if you keep at it. Your chances are not zero, you get to play, you probably might just win, and when you win the jackpot - it pours.

It simply is one of those lotteries with the highest minimum jackpot that gets to billions in no time.

About placing a bet

The dynamics are easy to follow:

  1. choose 5 of your lucky numbers from a pool of numbers 1 to 70, and
  2. your mega ball, singular, from a pool of numbers from 1 to 25.

Also, when you buy tickets, make sure all tickets are filled. Yes, rookie mistakes are wasteful.

Mega millions About placing a bet

About your chances of winning

Your chances are just about the same with other lotteries.

To win any prize, the probability has it 1 out of 89. And, to win the jackpot, it’s 1 out of 302 million.

I know it will feel like an uphill battle having to conquer the odds of 302M, but fortune favors the bold. And with the number of people who placed a bet and won, it clearly shows how that old adage can be true to someone else’ life and quite possibly yours as well.

Want to see for yourself? Check this table below.

5 winning numbers and the Mega Ball1 in 302,575,350Jackpot
5 winning numbers1 in 12,607,306US $1,000,000
4 winning numbers and the Mega Ball1 in 931,001US $10,000
4 winning numbers1 in 38,792US $500
3 winning numbers and the Mega Ball1 in 14,547US $200
3 winning numbers1 in 606US $10
2 winning numbers and the Mega Ball1 in 693US $10
1 winning number and the Mega Ball1 in 89US $4

And when you win?

When you win, all your winnings are credited to your account. All notifications will be sent out letting you know that you won.
All you need to do, from that point on, is to send a request to encash all your winnings.


We talked about a winner, where he won, and how to win - and how it is possible to win just like him.

Of course, we have to admit that the odds are against us and that it is indeed an uphill battle with the odds - the game, simply, ain’t for wimps or people who get scared easily. This is for the brave, the go-getter, the one who is quick to decide, and the one who calculates risk to win.

Yes, you cannot go overboard with lotto. You can only allocate so much of your hard-earned money towards speculative types of investments - much worse, gamble on a game that has less than 50% chance of letting you win.

However, the gains are exponential. It can and will definitely turn your life around when you win.

It’s a game of luck and fortune. And, as I’ve once quoted, fortune does favor the bold. And, the bold will take a good amount of risk, regardless of the odds, as long as there is a strong percentage of winning and a significant amount of gains.

Between the winner, who lost tons along the way, and the loser, who never took any risk -who would you rather be?


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