Lotto247 : Get The Welcome Offer Which Is A Free Deposit Bonus Of The Lottery!!


lotto247 deposit bonus

If you want to know what's in store for you by registering with Lotto247, here's the article about the welcome offer - the mechanics, things to watch out for, exactly how you’ll get it, and its limitations.

The Details Of The Free Bonus Of The Lottery “Lotto247”

What about this free bonus?

Starting your new journey right with Lotto247. Let me explain.

Lotto247 definitely wants you to get the best possible position to gain more wins with a 50% plus on your 1st deposit. That’s a maximum of extra 100 euros and many chances to win big at no added cost. Please see table A.

Table A.

Deposit Amount50% BonusTotal Amount Credited to Your Lotto247 Wallet (After the Bonus)

Of course, there’s a few caveats:

  • Your account should not exceed 30 days old. This bonus will not be available to you on the 31st day and moving forward.
  • There’s a cap of 200 euros - which will give you around 100 euros more. I believe that’s fair enough.

Cautions Of The Free Bonus In Lotto247

Cautions Of The Free Bonus In Lotto247

If there’s anything more important than the actual bonus itself - it’s the expectations. All expectations are needed to be clear.

This section is here for that reason - Lotto247 wants to be transparent with the mechanics of their system. And, I’m here to lay it all down - in the fewest words possible.

1)Your account needs to be not more than 30 days old

Your account needs to be not older than 30 days old to qualify. It won't be available anymore after that. If, say, your account exceeds 30 days old, you’re better off creating a new account - which might need another email address, and phone number. Yup, that sucks. Which is why this information is vital, especially if you want to take advantage of this free bonus. You wouldn’t want to miss a few days - time flies fast.

2)Regional Minimum Deposit

Regional minimum deposits will apply. That means the lowest amount you can put in as deposits depends on where you are at - i.e. your IP address.

3)Limited Only To Your 1st Deposit

It doesn’t say it right up front but this bonus only applies on your first deposit. So, you might as well rethink if you’re considering submitting an amount equal to the regional minimum deposit as your first. Your bonus will solely depend on your 1st deposit and no more after that.

4)The bonus can only buy lottery tickets

Just in case it isn’t clear, the bonus is valid only for purchasing lottery tickets within the Lotto247 platform. That means it cannot be included as a part of a pay-out request or, if it is even possible, purchasing other products aside from lott247 lottery tickets.

5)Credited to your Lotto247 wallet within72 hours

Your bonus is expected to be credited directly to your Lotto247 wallet within 72 hours from the time you submitted your first deposit - that is, you made the payment for a deposit and it went through with confirmation.
If, by any chance, you don’t see it after 72 hours, contact the Lotto247 customer service.

6)Invalid Accounts

If an account is no longer eligible to play or participate in the Lotto247 platform. Automatically the bonus is made unavailable. That means, if your account is suspended or closed for some reason whatsoever, the bonus will be unavailable. For all disputes concerning account status, contact Lotto247’s Customer Support Team.

7)Who decides if this bonus stays available

Nothing lasts forever. Things change. Times and seasons pass. And, whether this bonus stays on, or not, is solely the discretion of Lotto247 or Lucky Enterprises, B.V. There’s nothing we can do about it when they do take it away. However, like what a good friend of mine usually says - “let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”
The bottom line is that this bonus is here available for you to take advantage of while it lasts.

How To Get The Free Bonus

Need a visual on exactly how to get the bonus? Here, I’ll show you the steps.

1)Login to your account in Lotto247

Login to your account in Lotto247

2)Tap Deposit to your Lotto247 wallet - minimum of 8 euros and maximum of 200 euros (that is minimum of ₹700, maximum of ₹1700)


3)Process deposit with your favorite payment option

payment option

NOTE: Expect to receive your 50% deposit bonus within 72 hours from the time you submitted your 1st deposit.

What Is The Uniqueness Of Lotto247?

There are 2 factors that make Lotto247 unique against all competitors:

  1. The number of major international lotteries that you can play in.
  2. Their expert customer service team.

The Number of International Lotteries

As of this writing, Lotto247 currently has 34 lotteries that you can play on their platform. This includes the most commonly desired Powerball Plus, Mega Millions Max, or Euro Millions. This extensive list is found here -

Their Customer Service Team

If there is any team that wants to make themselves available for you in every possible way - email, chat, callback requests, you name it.
These are trained pros that are there to support and Lotto247 will not stay in business if not with these top notch heavy lifters that can uplift your soul as though you're talking to an angel.

The Winners Info Of Lotto247 From India

Lingaraju D won ₹3.8 crores on Nov 30, 2020. The whole thing is something you can search online.

He was consistently placing bets for straight six months. Little did he know that he won on his last attempt - that was before all the phone calls and the email he received from Lotto247.

Now at 68 years of age, Ligaraju won a significant amount that sets him up for life - him and his family.

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“Strike while the iron is hot” - is the adage that comes to mind having to write about the bonus. You only have 30 days to take advantage of this once-in-your-account-lifetime deposit bonus. The significance depends entirely on how much you’re able to put in as a deposit up front.

If it were up to me, I’ll take everything that is for free, or taken for granted. You’ll never know when these things start to earn value.


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