Q&A of Lotto247 : Beginner’s Guide for People Who Want to Try Online Lottery!


Q&A of Lotto247

We heard beginners have questions about online lottery or lotto247, and we're here to answer.

Personally, I get it. Online lottery is quite a new concept - especially in countries like the Philippines, India, Pakistan - pretty much everywhere. Which is why we understand there are some concerns and questions that will arise even just by reading about it here.

I'm here to answer all that. My goal is not to banish your fear but answer your questions as honestly as possible. Fair enough? Yes? Good! Let's begin.

Is lotto247 legal? Isn't it illegal? Isn't it a scam?

Is lotto246 legal?

As of now, I want to say - yes and probably no. But, in order to clearly paint a picture about why it is legal. To say something is legal means it should be something permitted by law - and that you won't be prosecuted by law enforcement by consuming or participating in them.

Now, we all know that countries have different sets of rules and laws. What is permitted in a country might be a punishable crime in others. We have an international law that deals with anything across the nations, and it doesn't prohibit online lotteries.

If you're from the US and you're from Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, or Pennsylvania, then online lottery is completely legal - hence, lotto247 is legal.

If you're from Belarus, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, or Turkey - you'd probably want to stay safe from online lottery.

Other Nations like India, Malaysia, Japan, Tibet, the Philippines, or any other nations not included on the list from the previous paragraph, as of this writing, have not banned or made online lottery prohibited. Hence, making online lottery completely and absolutely legal to most countries.

Of course, you will want to check with your local authorities just to be 100% sure.

Isn't it (online lottery or lotto247) a scam?

Insert my humble but honest chuckles here.

You would probably guess that I would say no. And, I would. After all, that's my job.

But what would make a thing, or a scam. And, what are the tell-tale signs of a lottery scam.

What is a scam?

It's either a scam or swindling. It means the same thing. You use deception, or lies, to extract value from the other person - either time, money, effort, etc. It's also an exchange of goods where one party doesn't receive at least 70% of the value they put in.

Put simply, it's a scam if they don't essentially give you what you paid for.

What's the tell-tale signs of an online-lottery scam?

There are essentially 3 signs of a prize scam:

1) Pay Upfront
You'd have to pay, first, to get what they reported as something you won.

2) Payment Increases Chances of Winning
It's exactly that. They say that by paying "them" you "increase" your chances of winning.

3) Financial Information
They extract financial information like credit card numbers or bank account information to "claim" any prize.

Let's pull up the checklist.

Does lotto247 ask you to pay to get your winnings?
No. You are informed of your winnings and it is credited to your lotto247. The only thing that you need to do is request for a payout.

Does paying increase our chances of winning in lotto247?
No. The results that lotto247 publishes on the website, is exactly the lotto results for the said lotteries. Which means your odds of winning is just about the same as when you fly to that country and pay for the ticket yourself.

Do lotto247 extract financial information?
Yes. Lotto247 will have to have some financial information in order for them to transfer the funds to your bank. If you're uncomfortable doing that, then lotto247 can also send it to your web wallet.

Do you get what you pay for with lotto247?
Yes. It's just like any lotto ticket. The pricing is just about right.

Have there been any winners who would swear that they did win with lotto247?
Yes. We have articles written for every person that wins.

Is lotto247 regulated by any authority?
Yes, their license numbers and contact information are available on their website. And, the regulating authority is available as public record that anyone can check by simply searching in google.

What's the verdict - is lotto247 a scam?

I want to say no. But, truth is sometimes relative. Truth be told, I am unable to answer that for you. It's my job to say - no, it's not a scam. But, it's all up to you to determine whether it is, or not.

It's not like I gave you all the logical reasons why it isn't, did I?

Is there a mobile app?

I'm afraid no. There isn't any lotto247 mobile app yet. But, the website is viewable in mobile version, which makes it look more like an app. I get that it is not something you install on your phone, but it's the closest thing, and the process is super simplified on the mobile version - which makes the whole thing super awesome.

Where can I check the lottery results?

As soon as the results are published by lotto organizers. Say, mega ball publishes their results, we get them and post them on the results page of the website.

Look at the top side of the page, look for "Lottery Results", click it and you're there.


Is there an instant win?

Instant wins are tickets where you find out whether you win something, or not, by essentially scratching the ticket - like a scratch card, yes.

Lotto247 confirmed they don’t have instant win on their website.

What are the methods for depositing and withdrawing money?

All of the payment options are available here -

Some examples include visa card or mastercard, skrill, neteller, and g-pay.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You should contact their team of customer service experts who are available via their messaging center, here -

You can also contact them via live chat. You should see a bubble at the lower-left corner of the page, click that.


It will ask for your name before you can be put on queue for the next available live chat rep.


How often do people win with lotto247?

Lotto247 has winners everyday. There are other prizes available when you hit some numbers off of the winning combination which ranges from $2 to $1M, or more, depending on the lottery that you’re placing a bet on.

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How much have lotto247 paid out so far?

With 5 years of operations, give or take, and with over 500,000 members, lotto247 has paid a total of $3M tops.


That’s it! I answered all your questions, bye.

Okay, fine. I understand I just put you through, quite possibly, one of the longest articles you ever had to read. And, I get it. You want to be sure that lotto247 has your back, will not scam you, and that it definitely works - that’s healthy skepticism right there.

If at the end of this article, you’re still in doubt. I would advise you to search your heart and ask yourself two things: 1) is this really what you want?, and 2) is this amount something you’re okay with losing?

If you say - yes to both. Then, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t at least try - you owe yourself that.

But if, at some point, you conclude it’s a no. Then, clearly this game isn’t for everyone and there is no shame in walking away.

But know that fortune favors the bold and that getting rich, sometimes, is about taking calculated risks for a bloody fortune. I’d say I believe that to be true for the most part.


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