Lottoland: How to buy Spanish Christmas lottery, the highest odds of winning in the world!


Lottoland: Christmas lottery

If you want to hit the jackpot someday, we recommend to play with Spanish Christmas lottery, the world best odds of winning!

In this article, we will deeply explain the betting odds of the Spanish Christmas lottery and how to buy the tickets.

The total amount of jackpots is €2,300,000,000! What is Spanish Christmas lottery?

Christmas lottery

The draw of the Christmas lottery takes place on 22nd December in Spain. The total amount of jackpots is very fat, €2,300,000,000!
The main jackpot prize is known as “El Gordo” – a huge €4,000,000 payout! The Spanish Christmas lottery has 17 kinds of prizes. The lottery works more like raffles than other lottery tickets like PowerBall and MegaMillions. Each Spanish Christmas Lottery ticket has a number between 00000 and 99999.

In the Spanish Christmas lottery, there are multiple copies or “series” of tickets, which means more than one person can have the same ticket number.

Prize tiers, estimated payout, and the number of prizes of Spanish Christmas lottery are as follows.

Prize tierEstimated PayoutNumber of prizes
Jackpot (El Gordo)₹31.4 Crores1
2nd Prize₹9.8 Crores1
3rd Prize ₹3.9 Crores1
4th Prize₹1.56 Crores2
5th Prize₹46 Lakhs8
La Pedrea (Consolation Prize)₹78.0001794
Numbers before and after "El Gordo"₹15.6 Lakhs2
Numbers before and after 3nd prize₹9.8 Lakhs2
Numbers before and after the 3rd prize₹7.5 Lakhs2
First 3 digits of "El Gordo"₹78.00099
First 3 digits of 2nd prize₹78.00099
First 3 digits of 3rd prize₹78.00099
First 3 digits of 4th prize₹78.00099
Last 2 digits of "El Gordo"₹78.000999
Last 2 digits of 2nd prize₹78.000999
Last 2 digits of 3rd prize₹78.000999
Same last digit as "El Gordo"₹15.6009999

You can buy shares of Christmas lottery ticket numbers.

Because the €250 ticket price may be prohibitive for many purchasers, each ticket is made up of 10 shares, meaning you can buy €25, a 1/10 single share of a ticket, otherwise known as a decimo (one-tenth).

This costs 1/10 of the usual ticket price and returns 1/10 of any prize it might win.

Decimos for Spain Christmas lottery are popular. Many friends and families pool their funds to buy a full share for the chance to get rich together. Why not do the same and share a ticket with your loved ones?

The Spanish Christmas lottery is characterized as high odds of winning. The winning odds for Jackpot in the Christmas lottery in Spain, PowerBall in the U.S., and EuroMillions in Europe are 1:100,000, 1: 292,201,338, and 1:139,838,160 respectively. Three digits off! Each winning percentage are 1/7, 1/25, and 1/13.

The winning percentage for Spanish Christmas lottery is higher than ones of PowerBall and EuroMillions.

Another feature of the Spanish Christmas lottery is high payout ratio. The payout ratio of the Christmas lottery, PowerBall, and EuroMillions are 70%, 60%, and 50% respectively.

The winning odds for jackpot, winning percentage, and payout ratio in each lottery are as follows.

LotteryWinning Odds for jackpotWinning percentagepayout ratio
Christmas lottery1/100,0001/770%

What is Lottoland with Spanish Christmas lottery?


You are not be eligible to buy official Christmas lottery tickets in Spain, but you can buy the tickets at Lottoland.
Lotto betting is making a bet on the result of the official lottery draw. If you guess correctly, you will win prizes. Lottoland has official licenses in British, Ireland and more. Lottoland is legit!
The man from Germany won a massive €4 million jackpot in 2015. The man from British bought a 1/50th share at Lottoland and won a €80,000 jackpot in 2017.

How to buy Spanish Christmas lottery at Lottoland.

1. Choose your ticket number. Select favorite five numbers, clicking ▲ or ▼.

Choose your ticket number

2. Choose your ticket share. Lottoland has seven kinds of shares, 1/1、1/2、1/5、1/10、1/20、1/50、and 1/100. You can only buy 1/20, 1/50, and 1/100 shares at Lottoland. The shares are popular among the people who don’t want to spend big bucks or buy many tickets.
Ticket shares, ticket prices, and jackpots are as follows.

Choose your ticket share


The feature of double Jackpot at Lottoland is an amazing way of turning a big jackpot into a massive one. Tap on the checkbox and you can double a whole host of jackpots on a wide range of Lottoland draws with double the price.

double Jackpot

Make it a Christmas you’ll never forget

Spanish Christmas lottery is very popular because of;
1. the biggest lottery in the world.
2. 1-in-7 chance of winning a prize.
3. best odds of any multi-million jackpot.

Many friends and families also pool their funds to buy a full share for the chance to get rich together. Why not do the same and share a ticket with your loved ones?


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