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Lottoland how to withdraw

Whether you are about to secure your winnings or to minimize your loss, it never hurts to know the nitty gritty of the withdrawal process in Lottoland India - it might surprise you.


Withdrawal requests quite possibly is one of the most exciting processes that you’ll have to do as a lotto beter. That is, if it’s not excruciating.

That being said, whether you are about to secure your winnings or to minimize your loss, it never hurts to know the nitty gritty of the withdrawal process. Please note that the process below, especially the screenshots, are taken directly via the Lottoland India/Asia website’s mobile version. Of course, the processes and information below should not be too different from the PC version.

Withdrawal to Your Bank Account

If you are to withdraw your winnings, make sure it is reflected on your account before you proceed. If it's existing funds, you gotta be sure of the amount you want to withdraw.

Here's a quick how-to:
1) Login to your Lottoland India/Asia account.
2) Go to "My Activity"
3) Then go to "Lotto bets" tab

From there on, you should see your previous bets - both your chosen number combinations and corresponding winnings, if any.

To request a withdrawal, follow these steps:

1) Go to

It normally involves opening a web browser and typing “”.


2) Login to your Lottoland account

NOTE: 1) This is with the assumption that you already have an existing account with Lottoland. Otherwise, you will have to click register to begin.

2) If you have an existing with another Lottoland website, it should work here. No need to register for another account.


3) Tap the profile icon at the top right corner

Tap the profile icon

4) Scroll down, tap "Withdrawal"

tap Withdrawal

5) Take it from there.

What you’ll expect is that you will have to:

  • Define how much you’re requesting to withdraw from your Lottoland India/Asia account.
  • Indicate which account number you’ll use for the withdrawal provided that it has been successfully added to your account.


Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Withdrawals are free of charge
Minimum is INR 800.00

If the request is less than INR 800.00, it will fail. You will have to contact their customer service team.

The Name and Location Factor

Your account name should be the same with the account that you use to withdraw your winnings, or funds from your Lottoland account. Also, you should be in the same country as your bank account at the time of the request.
That is, if you're in India:

  1. Your IP Address should reflect that you are in India.
  2. Your bank account, i.e. your banking address, should also be in India.

Time Factor

All withdrawal requests to India should be completed within 3-5 days. If, by any chance, it takes longer than that, you’ll have to speak with their customer service team.

Your Bank Account

There are a few things to note about the bank account that you use for withdrawal of funds specifically for all accounts in India.

  1. The bank account that you use for withdrawal must have a matching name and billing address with your Lottoland account.
  2. The bank account that you use for withdrawal must already have been used to cash-in or top-up your Lottoland account.
  3. As an exception to rule # 2, only bank accounts that isn’t already tied to a card may be used for withdrawal requests. In this case, you will have to add the bank account to your Lottoland account.

A Quick How-to on How To Add a Bank Account

As mentioned earlier, you will have to add your bank account information sooner or later. If you use that same account to top-up your account, then there’s no need to proceed with the rest. You can skip this one. However, if you are going to use a different bank account information, then aside from the fact that it has to match your name and your location, you will have to add that same bank account information to your account. Here’s how.

  1. Go to “My Transactions”
  2. Go to “Payouts”
  3. Click on “Add bank account”
  4. Then Enter:
  5. SWIFT or bank identifier code
  6. Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  7. Then click “Add”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it guaranteed?
The short answer is yes. And, there’s a whole set paragraphs on their FAQ page dedicated to answering why it’s a yes. To summarize their points:

  1. The withdrawal request will be acknowledged and completed regardless of the amount.
  2. While the player bets on the outcome of the lottery, it matters not when it comes to the outcome. If you win, you win. The same is true even if you just happened to join them yesterday and you won the jackpot. You’ll receive your winnings.
  3. They have placed insurance policies and systems that are tested and proven. The business plan works and thrives even when someone wins a huge sum of money.
  4. They are registered and are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland.

What to do when things fail?

You know the 7th rule out of the 7 habits of highly effective people. It says - “sharpen your saw”. It’s an acknowledgement that soon enough things fall down, systems get cranky, even people short circuit. That being said, it is best to know what to do when those things fall onto your lap.

  1. Is the requested withdrawal amount more than INR 800.00?
  2. Did your bank account details match your name and location?
  3. Is there enough funds on your account to accommodate the withdrawal request?

If you answer a no to any of those questions, then there’s a high chance your withdrawal request can get denied. At any rate, for such scenarios and those that aren’t covered here, you will have to take it to their customer service team. Click here to find out how to contact their team -


My goal was to put everything in this article so you won’t have to find things out on your own. With a few exceptions, I think there are a few things that I really want you to take away from this article.

1) About the funds
Make sure the funds are reflected to your account before processing a withdrawal. If they are missing on your account, contact their customer service team.

2) About the bank account
Make sure you have the bank account added on your Lottoland India account. And, that it matches the name and billing address on your account.

3) About the requested withdrawal amount
It should be a minimum of INR 800.00. If you process anything below that, it will fail. Should you want to brute force your request, contact their customer service team.

Aside from the above, I do hope you get to bring home more winnings from your partnership with Lottoland India.


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