[Lottoland] Illustrate how to buy PowerBall and odds of winning deeply!

Lottoland powerball

You must want to buy the PowerBall lottery when hearing of the biggest jackpot in the world. But many of you let go of the desire because you cannot purchase the US PowerBall tickets from India.

Instead of buying the PowerBall lottery, Lottoland provides lotto betting and gives you access to the PowerBal with the same prizes.

In this article, we are explaining how to play the PowerBall, winning odds, and how to purchase the tickets.

Lottoland is online gambling to buy PowerBall tickets!

It is illegal to purchase PowerBall tickets from India. You cannot buy physical tickets directly. If you play at Lottoland, that is a different story.

Lottoland provides lotto betting. Lottoland is a licensed betting firm, where players place bets on the outcome of lottery draws instead of buying physical or online tickets via official lottery operators.

Lottoland currently has licenses from national supervisory bodies for lotteries in the United Kingdom, Ireland and more.

Lottoland can guarantee you will be paid out on your winnings - regardless of the jackpot amount by taking out insurance policies.

Lottoland paid out €7,900 to a big winner in the past.

PowerBall jackpot was the highest in the past

PowerBall is one of the most famous lotteries in the world. The PowerBall draw takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday mornings in India.

Focusing on the highest jackpot in the past, the PowerBall is very attractive to give winners much bigger prizes.

Game rules

Choose 5 numbers from 1–69 and a ‘PowerBall’ from 1-26. A single ticket costs from just ₹300. Select the PowerPlay option for the chance to multiply non-jackpot wins by up to x10!

If no one matches all six selected numbers, the jackpot will be carried over into the next drawing. You will have a big chance to get a dreamy prize by carrying over many times.

Prizes and matches

Prizes and matches are as follows. Refer to the Table 1 below.

Table 1: Prizes and matches.
15 main numbers+ Powerball
25 main numbers
34 main numbers + Powerball
44 main numbers
53 main numbers+ Powerball
63 main numbers
72 main numbers + Powerball
81 main number + Powerball

Prizes and odds of winning

See at the Table 2, odds of winning.

All non-jackpot prizes are not fixed amounts by varying with the number of tickets sales and prize winners.

The table 2 is for reference. Explaining simply and quickly, the odds of winning are approximate values to make numerator 1

Table 2: Prizes and odds of winning.
PrizePrize amountOdds of winning
1Over $40 million1:292,201,338
2$1 million1:11,688,053

The highest jackpot winner who was not a player at Lottoland got $1.586 billion, which was also the biggest amount in the history of lotteries.

The return rate (total purchase amount divided by total prize amount) of the PowerBall is about 60%. So, the PowerBall are very attractive for buyers.

Lottery tax winnings in India

Lottery winnings are taxable in India. Simply put, winners must pay two-three kinds of taxes.

  1. A flat 30% rate of the prize.
  2. 3% 'Cess' charged for improving education and health care.
    1 and 2 are common taxes for all the winners.
  3. A further surcharge is added to the flat taxable rate based on total income. We excerpted the table below from “Lottoland India”.
      Rs.50 lacs to Rs.1 Cr10%
      Rs.1 Cr to Rs.2 Cr15%
      Rs.2 Cr to Rs.5 Cr18%
      Exceeds Rs.5 Cr22%

      How to buy PowerBall tickets at Lottoland with your smartphone

      Click “🔎” and enter “PowerBall” and select it.

      lottoland top

      Lottoland has two ways of selecting numbers.

      Enter your favorite numbers or click “QUICKPICK” to select randomly and automatically. You can edit the numbers of “QUICKPICK”.

      Enter your favorite numbers

      1)Tap “Edit”

      Tap Edit

      2)Select 5 numbers and extra number (PB).

      Select numbers by taping “Quickpick”

      Click “Quickpick”.

      The numbers from 1 to 69 and extra numbers are automatically selected.

      Change selected numbers

      If you want to change the numbers of Quickpick, tap numbers to add or delete. When you decide the six numbers, tap “DONE”.

      If you change all numbers, tap “Quickpick” again.

      If you want to buy more than one, it is convenience to tap “+1 QUICKPICK”, “+3”, or “+6” to make copy.

      Finally, choose days and “how many weeks” and tap “ADD TO CART”.

      PowerBall are dreamy lottery tickets to change your life.

      PowerBall players dream of a big jackpot beyond Indian lottery. If you are a jackpot winner, your life will change completely.

      Buying the PowerBall is purchasing your dream. Lottoland is an online gambling. You can buy the tickets at home and aim to become a billionaire.


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