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Now let’s talk about EuroJackpot in Lottland India - its mechanics, how it differs from Powerball, and everything there is to know about EuroJackpot.

What is EuroJackpot? (Overview)


Europe’s finest and top pan-lottery together with Powerball. EuroJackpot takes you right away to your dreams of winning millions.

Lottery lovers especially in India are going all in for the possibility of winning upto €90 million (around ₹736 Crores) becoming a multi-millionaire with the double jackpot where you double your winnings - that is a whooping €180 million (about ₹1368 Crores).

Participated by eighteen countries, EuroJackpot’s cap is at €90 million and once this amount is reached, the remaining excess prize money will be rolled down to winning tickets from the next highest lottery, breaking it down to 12 divisions.

EuroJackpot participating countries: Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Italy,Latvia, Lithuania, Norway,Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Netherlands.

The first recorded biggest winning in EuroJackpot was from Czech Republic on May May 15, 2015 winning a massive € 90,000,000.00 Euro jackpot.

The jackpot begins at € 10,000,000 and caps at € 90,000,000. Playing the Eurojackpot costs ₹ 160 per line.

In order to win, you have to match 5 correct numbers out of 50 plus another 2 extra numbers out of another 10; with the odds of winning the jackpot 1:95,344,200.

The lottery draw is every Friday at 12:30 AM Indian Standard Time. The evaluation of the winning lottery tickets takes place in Denmark and Germany.



EuroJackpot rule

You are to pick five main numbers from 1-50, and two supplemental numbers from a separate guess ranging from 1-10. When Euro numbers are picked from a different set to the main numbers, there’s a possibility of the same number to appear as both a main number and a Euro number.

EuroJackpot select number

Select your numbers or choose ‘Quick Pick’, use your saved lucky numbers, or make random manual selection to numbers or use the Random Number Generator option to get your preferred combination of numbers.

Winning Amount

There’s a 12 prize tier on offer in Eurojackpot, and the player who matches all five main numbers and both Euro numbers in the draw will win a portion of the jackpot, starting at €10 million. If no player matches all of the numbers in a draw, the jackpot will carry over into the next draw, until it reaches its maximum of €90 million (around ₹736 Crores).

TierMatching CombinationsWinnersPrize
I5 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers0 winner₹2,016,795,312.00
25 Numbers + 1 Euro Numbers5 winners₹32,799,049.72
35 Numbers + 0 Euro Numbers7 winners₹8,268,667.50
44 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers76 winners₹253,855.71
54 Numbers + 1 Euro Number886 winners₹19,596.53
64 Numbers + 0 Euro Number2,661 winners₹7,882.31
73 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers2,661 winners₹4,344.51
82 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers37,840 winners₹1,579.82
93 Numbers + 1 Euro Number41,383 winners₹1,394.95
103 Numbers + 0 Euro Numbers75,709 winners₹1,092.43
111 Number + 2 Euro Numbers190,762 winners₹781.51
122 Numbers + 1 Euro Number576,488 winners₹638.65

Winning Probability

EuroJackpot is a 5/50 game format which has a total of 2,118,760 combinations considering that to win the jackpot, the player requires to match two additional numbers, in which the 7 total number combination then produces a total of 95,344,200 combinations.

To understand EuroJackpot further, Euro Jackpot has a number of 196 patterns.
Out of the 196 patterns, it equates to a total of 2,118,760 combinations of numbers excluding the additional numbers.

TierNumbersWinning Probability
1 (jackpot)5 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers1 in 95,344,200
25 Numbers + 1 Euro Number1 in 5,959,012
35 Numbers1 in 3,405,150
44 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers1 in 423,752
54 Numbers + 1 Euro Number1 in 26,485
64 Euro Numbers1 in 15,134
73 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers1 in 9,631
83 Numbers + 1 Euro Number1 in 602
92 Numbers + 2 Euro Numbers1in 344
103 Numbers1 in 672
111 Number + 2 Euro Numbers1 in 42
122 Numbers + 1 Euro Number1 in 128

Procedure to Purchase EuroJackpot

So we’ve discussed the most important points that would help us understand why EuroJackpot is a popular lottery to players and definitely the lottery you should try - it’s overview, the winning amount, probability of winning, and how much prize will add should you hit the jackpot. Now, I’ll show you the step-by-step procedure that will surely help you towards purchasing your first EuroJackpot ticket in Lottoland India (

1) Go to website and then log in.
a) You will need to click on the human head icon at the top right corner of the screen to login.

log in

2) Log in to your account
a) If you don’t have an account yet, just click register. It’s fast and easy.
b) If you already have an account, type in your registered email and password. Then tap “LOG IN NOW”.

Is it your first time logging in to your account? You can learn how to submit a deposit to your account. Please check this article here for a walkthrough.
Lottoland: How to Deposit Money

To start betting on winning tickets, you gotta start somewhere and knowing how to deposit money to y ...

Login page

3) Navigate The System on the left corner of the screen: Find EuroJackpot, then click Play Now.

choose EuroJackpot

4) Choose your bet.

a) Once you reach this page, you will be asked to choose your numbers. You can either choose Pick Your Own Numbers where you can choose your numbers manually or choose + 1 QuickPick to a system generated number.

Choose your bet

b) If you change your mind, you can tap “delete”, “edit” or choose another combination of system generated numbers by tapping “quick pick”. Note: it’s INR 160 per ticket.


c) Would you like an extra game? If you want to place a bet for the same combination of numbers for both the draws, or schedule it either a Thursday or a Friday draw, this is where you schedule it.


d) Click “QUICK BUY


1) In this scenario, you will have to make sure that your account has sufficient funds to cover for the purchase.
a) If your account has enough funds, this transaction will go through without problems.
b) If your account has not enough funds, you will be asked to either deposit a payment for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or submit a deposit to your account.
2) Make sure you have your registered mobile number ready so you can fill it in this page and for the process to go through smoothly.
3) Once all the information is correct and you just want the process to go through, just click “Pay Now”. You can also see the exact amount you are paying in the Pay Now button.

Click Pay Now

Compare EuroJackpot and Powerball

If we are to talk about a close competitor against the full glory of EuroJackpot, then we should talk about Powerball.

To share a little info about Powerball, it’s a MegaLottery company that started in the US that currently holds the highest jackpot won historically. They differ a little but you know how it is with close competitions, that tiny detail matters on whether you win or lose - same thing goes with EuroJackpot and Powerball.
To state the obvious, the minimum jackpot from Powerball is higher than EuroJackpot but when it comes to the odds of winning, EuroJackpot has a higher probability rate than Powerball. Plus, the rate per line in EuroJackpot is definitely cheaper.

Please refer to the chart below.

Game rulesChoose 5 numbers from 1 to 50; and 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 to 10.Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69; and 1 "Power Ball" from 1 to 26.
Price per lineFrom ₹160From ₹300
Minimum jackpot€10 million (around ₹81 Crores)$40 million (around ₹287 Crores)
Previous record jackpot€90,000,000.00 (around ₹736 Crores)$1.586 billion (around ₹11,200 Crores)
Probability of winning1 in 421 in 25
DrawSaturday, 00:30 AM Indian Standard TimeTuesday, Thursdays & Sundays at 08:30 AM Indian Standard Time
Jackpot payout30 year increasing annuity payments or discounted lump sum30 year increasing annuity payments or discounted lump sum
Jackpot Winning Odds1:95,344,2001:292,201,338


It’s amazing that placing bets nowadays is as easy as to the tip of our fingers. And EuroJackpot in Lottoland is an easier, convenient option than having to go out of our way to a physical lottery area. And also, the possibilities are endless, the winning probability rate is almost as nearly at our grasp. EuroJackpot overall is one of the most promising lottery to try and the easiest way to winning millions.


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