Lottoland’s SuperEnalotto: The Best Way to Win The Millions Of Your Dreams


Lottoland’s SuperEnalotto

Let’s talk about SuperEnalotto in Lottland India - its mechanics, how it compares from Powerball, and everything you need to know about SuperEnalotto.

What is SuperEnalotto (Overview)


SuperEnalotto is an Italian-based lottery best known for its humongous jackpots, which starts at a minimum of €1.3 million (approx. ₹10.5 Crores) and can grow without any limit or cap which leads to amazingly even more huge winnings. SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 8:00pm CET in Rome which is 00:30 Standard India Time on the following day.

History of winnings in SuperEnalotto is mind-blowing.
A single-ticket jackpot was won by 70 winners on October 30, 2010 with a staggering worth of €177.7 million ($248 million) followed by the largest single-ticket jackpot €147.8 million (US$205 million) won by only one player alone.

And just recently, a whooping €209 million (around ₹1674 Crores) million was won August 2019, proudly bigger than any European lotteries out there

Want to become a millionaire winning a massive jackpot? And just so you do not know, the second prize is huge given that draws take place thrice a week with a ticket as low as ₹160 per line, a tiny investment for an amazing win.

For a brief history of Enalotto, is a well-known, old Italian lottery which started in the 1950s. And in 1997, SISAL company redefined the lottery and created what is now known as SuperEnalotto.
Draws take place in cities across Italy; Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome.



You are to pick six numbers from 1 to 90. In order to win the jackpot, you should match all six numbers. SuperEnalotto also created what they call ‘jolly number’, which is an extra ball for deciding the second prize tier winner. The second prize equates to around €250,000 ( around 1.9 Crores) if you are to match the five remaining numbers including the ‘jolly number’.


Winning Amount

As said above, there is no cap or limit in SuperEnalotto. The jackpots grow gradually high because there is no roll down of jackpots. You can only imagine how huge the winnings will be on top of the second tier existing and jolly numbers in case you missed the jackpot.

TierWinning ScenarioINR Conversion
16 Numbers₹12,284,005,755.00
25 Numbers and Jolly Number₹20,891,166.25
35 Numbers₹2,089,116.63
44 Numbers₹20,891.0
53 Numbers₹2,089.12
62 Numbers₹208.91
71 Number₹41.78

Winning Probability

SuperEnalotto is probably one of the most challenging games in the world in terms of hitting the jackpot with 1 in 622.6 million probability. However, the draw rolls over at a regular rate leading its way to a huge jackpot so expect that the winning will be gargantuan. On top of that, the 2nd tier winning is huge as well, even bigger than most lottery out there. Plus, if you match just one of your chosen numbers then you are automatically a winner. Picture this; the odds are at you with approximately 1 out of 3 bets is a winner.
Based on the odds mentioned on the table; it has 60% of sales on the current prize pool up from 34.648% in the previous setup.

Winning ScenarioProbability of Winning
6 matching numbers1 : 622,614,630
5 matching numbers + Jolly Numbers1 : 103,769,105
5 matching numbers1 : 1,250,230
4 matching numbers1 : 11,907
3 matching numbers1 : 327
2 matching numbers1 : 22
1 Match number1 : 3.5

Procedure to Purchase SuperEnalotto

We now have the overview and understand the rules, winning amount and the probability of SuperEnalotto. This time let's jump into how to get you to play SuperEnalotto so you’ll start your dream of winning amounts that any one of us have in our wildest of dreams.
Let me walk you through on how to register, login and purchase your first ticket to SuperEnalotto in Lottoland. By the way, you can easily do this on your mobile phone but it doesn’t matter if you prefer your computer.

1) Go to and log in.

a) You need to click on the human icon at the top right corner to login.


2) Log in to your account.


a) If you don’t have an account yet, just click register.
b) If you already have an account, fill in your registered email and password information then click “LOG IN NOW”.


If it’s your first time logging in, you need to place a deposit to your account firsthand to avoid the hassle. Please refer to this page below for a step by step on how to deposit funds in lottoland asia.

Lottoland: How to Deposit Money

To start betting on winning tickets, you gotta start somewhere and knowing how to deposit money to y ...

3) Navigate in website:

a) Find SuperEnalotto, then click on it.

Find SuperEnalotto

4) Define your bet.

a) You are to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 90. You can also tap on the QuickPick button (Quick+1) which will automatically generate numbers.
If you change your mind, you can click “delete” or “edit”. The “QuickPick” option will generate a random number combination.



it’s INR ₹160 per ticket.

Select number

b) Want to add an extra game? If you want to place another bet for the same numbers for both the draws or a different number combination, you can schedule it for the Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday draw. Decide it here.


c) Would you like to set the duration of your game? Choose the number of weeks, subscribe and place your ticket so you don’t miss a draw. You can always opt it out anytime.

how many week?

d) Click “QUICK BUY



  1. In this page, you have to make sure that your registered account has sufficient funds to cover the purchase.
    a) If your account has enough money, the transaction will go through smoothly.
    b) If your account does not have enough funds, you will be asked by the system to either deposit for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or place a deposit to your account directly.
    c) Make sure you have your mobile number in this account ready so you can enter it in this page and for the process to go through successfully.
  2. Once all the information is true, click “Pay”.
    You can double check on the total amount you are paying for on Payment Due.

click pay

Compare SuperEnalotto and Powerball

SuperEnalotto and Powerball have completely different ball games. But we can make a comparability on it for these two monster lotteries are both powerhouses.

To give a quick overview about Powerball, it’s a MegaLottery from the USA that currently holds the highest jackpot won and awarded to winning tickets as we speak. The mechanics differ entirely on SuperEnalotto, just looking at its nature, however, both lotteries both give huge winnings to their players depending on your probability preference. You want easy odds but a fairly huge jackpot? Go to Powerball. But do you want a one all-out huge jackpot? Go to SuperEnalotto.

They differ on draw days even if you pay on the same amount per line. While SuperEnalotto has Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Powerball only has Saturday.

Overall, both are fair at the end of the day. While SuperEnalotto has slim probability of winning, the draw days are daily frequent with no cap and rolldown everytime, Powerball goes into one draw per week but probability of around up to 50%.

Refer to the table below for a clear reference of comparison.

Game rulesChoose 6 numbers from 1-90Select 5 numbers from 1 - 50; and 2 "Euro Numbers" from 1 - 10.
Price per lineFrom ₹ 160From ₹160
Minimum jackpot€1.3 million (approx. ₹10.5 Crores)€10 million (around ₹81 Crores)
Previous record jackpot€209 million (around ₹1674 Crores)€90,000,000.00 (around ₹736 Crores)
Probability of winning1 in 622.61 in 42
DrawTuesday, Thursday and Saturday 00:30AM Standard India TimeSaturday, 00:30 AM Standard India Time


SuperEnalotto is an awesome dreamboat of the lottery if you are up for a winning of something wild and gigantic. True that the odds may serve a huge challenge to us lottery enthusiasts but there’s no way we can’t miss that biggest jackpot in the lottery world. No doubt India goes gaga on winning even just getting any one of the tiers because in the end, this is a gamble of our life and a sweet risk we’d love to take. So if you ask me if I go with SuperEnalotto? Absolutely, yes. It’s affordable, has 3 days a week draw and the jackpot just keeps getting bigger and bigger.


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