Keno 24/7's Lottoland: The Greatest Road to Millions


This article presents Lottoland’s keno 24/7 - its rules and mechanics, the odds and probabilities of winning, it’s purchase procedure and how to place a bet.

What is Keno 24/7? (Overview)

Keno 24/7 is a powerful game that a lot of lottery enthusiasts are playing today. Lottoland introduces this game which has a feature of both a lottery and Bingo and the prizes to be won with growing numbers.

Lottoland’s Keno 24/7 is amazingly flexible, allowing players to play for as low as ₹80. You can bet on any digits up to 10 numbers in each draw, and with 37 ways to win in each game it is absolutely up to you how much you want to play which determines how much you want to win.
Keno 24/7 draws take place every 4 minutes everyday; with draws as much as this, your winnings are surely absolute.

There are different prize divisions available when you play Keno 24/7 and you will be playing in the official draw and should you win, will receive similar main game prizes.
To explain this, the more numbers you pick, the greater the amount you can get.
But should you pick less than ten numbers for a single ticket, for each division of that amount of numbers, you can win more.
So, there is a trade-off between how many numbers you choose and the maximum amount of money you win for each prize division.

The word “keno” has both Latin and French origin which is quine French 'five winning numbers', and Latin for 'five each'., but the lottery game actually originated in China.

In 1866 it had tremendously become a popular gambling game in Houston, Texas, with its name, Keno.

Keno 24/7 is pretty much the same with the land-based keno that you usually play on your local casino but with Lottoland online, you can now bet on Keno 24/7 anytime and anywhere, with just using your mobile phone via Lottoland App or at the comfort of your home through your pc.

Lottoland has already paid out more than $1,000,000 since its release through Keno 24/7 winners.
The most recent winner is a woman from New South Wales that has made a small fortune betting on Keno 24/7 by making a single ticket costing $4 into a winning of whooping $20,000.

And then one of the UK’s largest online lottery winners ever is from Yorkshire. A man won an amazing £1 million jackpot by betting on none other than Keno 24/7.



Just like any regular lottery, you are to choose anything between 1 to 10 numbers from a pool of 80. The more numbers you choose, your chances for matching the numbers increases and so does your winning rate.


After you’ve chosen your numbers, the next thing you should do would be to pick the number of draws to play, then followed by the stake. Pick a stake multiplier from x1 up to x2,500 which is, for 1 to 6 numbers. What this does is that the higher the multiplier, the greater your winnings!

winning amount

You can win as high as ₹52,928,214.02 Crores when you play Keno 24/7 and every week, every 4 minutes, there's a draw.
Keno 24/7 works just like any other lottery; you pick your numbers and win a prize if you match those drawn. The amount of prize that you get is based on the number of matches that you correctly guess.

Number of MatchesAverage Prize

winning probability

The odds of getting all the 10 numbers match for the jackpot 1 to 8911711.
Probabilities change frequently depending on the number of spots that are chosen on each ticket.

Uniqueness of Keno 24/7

The beauty of Keno 24/7 is that you have high chances of winning due to the fact that draws take place every 4 minutes, every day of the week. Unlike the other lotteries, you will not have to wait for extra hours for the results to hit the jackpot most especially if you are one of those who are impatient with the game.

Also, the stake features allows you to multiply your winnings. That is to say, x1 up to x2,500 (for 1 to 6 numbers). The higher the multiplier, the higher will be your winnings.
And one more thing, the cheapest ticket is only ₹80 which is a total ripoff.

Procedure to purchase Keno 24/7

We have talked about the points that would help us understand why Keno 24/7 is a lottery that everyone should look out for. Now let’s discuss how to purchase your first Keno 24/7 ticket in Lottoland India (

1) Go to and log in your account.

a) Click on the head icon (human icon) at the top right corner to login.


2) Log in to your account.

log in now

a) If you don’t have an account, just tap on the register icon.
b) If you already have an account, key in your registered email and password. Then click “LOG IN NOW”.

Is this your first time in Lottoland asia? Then you need to check this link on how to place a deposit to your account. Refer to this page here for a walkthrough on how to deposit money in Lottoland asia -

3) Navigate Lottolandasia website:

a) Find Keno 24/7, then tap on it.

tap on keno247

4) Define your bet.

a) You are to pick your numbers from between 1 and 10 for each bet from a pool of 1 to 80 or you can tap on the Auto button for the system to randomly generate numbers. (Auto 1 means 1 number, Auto 5 means 5 numbers and Auto 10 means 10 numbers). Use the grid to choose your numbers. You can choose anywhere. And the more you choose, the more you stand to win.

If you don’t like the numbers and want to change, you can click the trash icon to delete all the numbers. But if you want to modify some numbers, you can just simply click on the pencil icon.

pick numbers

b) You can manage the duration. Choose for how many draws you want to bet on.


c) Select a stake multiplier from x1 up to x2,500 which is for 1 - 6 numbers. The lowest possible ticket rate is ₹80 for a single stake.


d) Tap on “QUICK BUY”

tap on Quick Buy


  1. In this scenario, make sure that your registered account has sufficient funds for the purchase.
  2. a)If your account has enough funds, this transaction will go through.
    b)If your account does not have enough funds, the system will ask you to either add a payment for the purchase using your trusted payment method option, or place a deposit to your account.

  3. Ready your mobile number registered in this account so you can fill it in this page.
  4. Once all the information is right, click “Pay”.
  5. *img

    You can also see the exact amount you are paying in the Pay Now button for your reference.


Keno 24/7 is one of the most unique and fastest ways to winning and hitting the jackpot; the number of draws are done in several days, and the stake multiplier is just fabulous. There's just nothing you can find that is as generous as this bingo-like lottery. What's more is that it is legit and trusted. If Indian players are looking for one that will be worth a bet, then Keno 24/7 is highly recommended.


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